~ Catfish ~

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Catfish, for those of you who do not know, is a television series about people who meet online and they are lied to in some way as to the identity of the person they are speaking to. As well as those situations where the person puts up a fake picture of themselves, lies about who they are and some, consider it a game. Which is fucked up to toy with another human beings emotions in this way under any circumstance. It’s unthinkable to me.

Is it different when you are blogging and posting under an anonymous name? At some point, knowing a person for almost a year, one would want to see their face, to know who they were talking to. Some like the cloaked version where they feel safe to express things without fear of ramifications from those in their life. I understand. So… where is that line you draw in the sand, for yourself as to just how far you will allow things to go?

I used to come here, vent, chat, think, etc. It was quiet at first and then things picked up and went on from there. I’d never blogged anonymously before and for the most part, it was okay. If memory serves me, I initially started this to compile content for that book I say I’m going to write. It ended up being an outlet for all my thoughts.

Thereafter it became a cool place to come, talk, share and I made some nice friends, had great input and I thank you guys for that, it was all very helpful. Since the Catfish thing happened, I tried to think about it as, “Well, don’t allow a person to stop you from doing something just because one person hurt you.” I tried that and unfortunately the undertow of knowing what happened in this space remains. So, I’ve opened a different blog, which feels much better and I will continue the Catfish series here at my leisure. The undertow of coming here, the quiet reminder every time I see the page, it feels bad under the surface.

It’s like having a splinter where you get half of it out and then, the other end that you can not see, is still festering there under the surface. So, be that as it may, the only thing that belongs here “is” the Catfish story because in my mind, that’s how it feels.

I have gone on to make new friends online, who are very nice people. In the beginning however it was not easy, despite my ability to pretend and/or say that this situation did not affect me.

P.S. In case it crosses your mind, I thought I was much smarter than that too. Carry on. :)

The guidelines are very simple around here, you speak to me with respect, I’ll speak to you with respect. I have no problem if we have opposing perspectives on something, I like a good discussion. If something strikes a nerve for you, understand from the beginning that something you read, you disagreed with, which is fine. Rant away… just don’t make it evil and don’t make it “at me”. We on the same page? Good… Just because we may not agree on something, does not mean we have to beat each other up over it.

Disclaimer: You are personally accountable for each and every choice you make and/or do not make in your life and with the information provided in this site.


15 Responses to ~ Catfish ~

  1. TikkTok says:

    and………….. I STILL can’t find the link to sub via email!!!

  2. TikkTok says:

    Subscribe. You’ll have to write something new so I can see if it will actually get delivered to my email…………….. :lol:

  3. TikkTok says:

    Oh good! I’ve been wondering. ;)

  4. TikkTok says:

    And PS- how are YOU doing these days? :)

    • Mystery says:

      I could be better, I’ve come up with a million dollar idea that I think people would buy so I could do whatever the fuck I want as well as help people too.

      I have to write down to do some research on patenting and the like because by the end of my day, I’m tired and I don’t want to think anymore … mentally and emotionally other than laughing my behind off on G+ I just want to download constantly.

      You all settled in your home and stuff? I know it’s been a while :)

  5. TikkTok says:

    Well, sort of. Chicken coop isn’t done, despite the chickens. Maybe now that it’s hunting season we’ll get to it, because that means a lot less riding time right now.

    We may be moving, too, but won’t know for a few more weeks. :( Will keep you posted. At least we got our wood, hay, and winter rye planted for winter!

    • Mystery says:

      I have to fix this to accept comments w/o approval. :) Sorry about that.

      Oh you got new chickens! Very nice! Of course you did, what was I possibly thinking. :) Are they fluffeh?

      Nice, nice wood, hay… riding? You have horses now too!? Oh boy!!! that’s cool! Awww good for you guys :) why you haz move?

  6. TikkTok says:

    Oh honey, hop back over and read! I think I made a horse category. Start with the oldest and work your way forward. :) There aren’t that many, but you’ll get the story.

    Chickens are fluffeh and great! ♥ I need to take some current pictures. Big girls should start laying any time, and we are looking forward to full-size eggs.

    We may be moving cross- country. Should know more in the next few weeks. I need to email you when I’m on my computer and can type one of these days…..

    • Mystery says:

      Aaaah for hubby’s job I guess? How on earth did I know you’d have chickens? Oh shit… I just had a visual of the chicken poop you put up that day. lololol

      Okay, I’ll check that email. I check that like… once every … week or so. I’m always playing on Google so I don’t check any email too much anymore. :)

  7. Phil says:

    Do you have a link to your other blog you make reference to above, or is it something I need to know the secret password and handshake for? I’d be interested in following that blog as well. Or maybe I just misinterpreted what you said – wouldn’t be the first time I was confused…

    • Mystery says:

      I find myself confused every now and then, I can’t see what you read, I’m responding in the little box drop down thingy. :) Sure, I don’t mind. May I send it to you via email?

      It’s not password protected at all, although I do have one that is, however that one’s a bit different then both of these. lol The one I’d send you is rather sparce. I was going to transfer some things, however I have so much content… ugh

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