~ Beginning to End ~

Welcome to Catfish

I thought I would make it easy to navigate the story by putting them in order on this page. You’ll see some of them are not numbered however they are related to the story. I was trying to reconcile it for myself without actually addressing it directly. If you were to come here it would be backwards otherwise.

You know what they say, “Don’t let them know they got to you”, “Don’t wear your heart out on your sleeve”, “You give them power over you” and all these other things, platitudes or words of wisdom and the reality is, those things… suck and they don’t work. Not in the sense of resolving something that you have not reconciled for yourself.

I never did well with vague in any manner. This is no different. I don’t want it to come up anymore, it just does, repeatedly. I’ve gone a while without even thinking about it and then POOF something done innocently by someone, reminds me. Makes me feel… angry, betrayed, frustrated and disgusted erry tiem.

Catfish 1

Catfish 2

Catfish 3

Catfish 3.5

Idealization Catfish

Because ~ Tiny Catfish

Stalemates, i.e., Catfish 4

Catfish 5

Catfish 6

Exquisite Pain In Relationships

Feigned Indifference

Catfish 7 – Having Intuition with Emotional Attachment

Catfish 8 – Deals & Pretty Little Pictures

Catfish 9 ~ Hypocritical * Psychology

~ Catfish 10 ~ Because I couldn’t type fast enough. :)

Catfish 11 ~ Why We Laugh At Highly Inappropriate Things ~

Catfish 12 – Emotional Triggers

Oops. I skipped 13 entirely. My bad. :)

~ Catfish 14 ~ That time I asked out a cartoon O.o

~ Catfish 15 ~ What Fukkery is this?

~ Catfish 16 ~ Then All Hell Breaks Loose

~ Catfish 17 ~ The End

The End & Funneh Video

By The Way – Tread Lightly

~ Catfish `18 ~ Redirecting Your Focus ~

Things ‘n’ Such

~ Catfish ~ Number ? ~


Come on... you know you want to ;)

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