~ The Child Inside ~

Psychological Manipulations can be the most damaging things to the human condition ever. Depends on how it’s used. What still interests me today, is the way some use it without conscience.

One person told me a story about someone else the other day as to how person 2 is being manipulated by this girl. (woman) The short aspect of the story, would be that she keeps showing back up, sucking the boy out of his money (he’s an adult) has, in person number one’s perspective, broken up a couple relationships for person number one. Person 1 (P1) advised that Person 2 (P2) had x amount of dollars and now there is none. P1 believes P2 has been sucked dry by cunt face. :) Oops. Did I say that out loud?

P2, is loud, slightly obnoxious, they’re almost as hyper as I am (truly), a pain in the ass and a fairly large, softie who is good with children and whose heart is in the right place. The other day when they made a comment to me about their childhood being damaging and I burst out laughing, their face was innocent. Matter of fact, I see that expression more and more lately and it’s very sweet. To me, that says they are just, like we all are, a human who has bad habits that tend to drive me nuts. Because (lolol) I could never possibly drive anyone nuts. This is one of those times where we/I recognize my hyperness/behavior in someone else and laugh because “it’s right there”. Variables apply, certainly.

So P2 is this softie. Cunt muffin knows this and uses him, apparently, for quite some time. She’s one of those people who, based on the description I got, doesn’t want the person she’s sucking dry, she simply wants to know that no one else can have her resource for whatever it is she deems necessary. Men do this too, shut up. I’ve seen that as well.

Course, I shockingly (<—- sarcasm) felt over protective, angry and disgusted all in one felled swoop. You can get angry at this woman. However, he's allowing this behavior to go on by falling for it erry tiem. O.o Why you do deezzz? I would imagine she sucks up to his soft side. I dare say I would want more information. The cool part is I redirected wanting to rip her into tiny pieces for taking advantage of someone like that to, the full knowledge that sometimes, we do stupid things for the right reasons (to ourselves) with the wrong person and he is indeed part of the problem for not cutting her loose for sucking him dry, on any level. That's not very nice of her, yet he holds the key to the "why" of it all.

Sigh. There is nothing wrong with being good or kind to someone. Nothing. It is not acceptable however to allow someone to take advantage of one's good nature in this manner. Nope, nope, nope, nope. He has to fix that. He has to see it. He has to think about why he's doing this and/or how he's going to make it stop. Course, we've never discussed it, that was a separate conversation w/P1 so yeah.

Now. P3 is another person who married an utter fucknut. I don't care who you marry, you wanna do crazy, you do crazy. He is also part of the problem. He can't see who she is. I've told him repeatedly. Yet, he does things too. :) He'd trying to do better, that's totally awesome. Still… not my life. I can say anything I like to a person, doesn't mean they'll see it. Some people I've spoken to it's taken 2/3 years for them to see what I'm saying. And that's okay, I don't give a ratts ass WHEN they see it, just that they do. I'm always gleefully excited on their behalf when they see something, within themselves, that they remedy and they're better for it. That shows on their face too, it's incredible to see and so sweet. You can fake facial expressions, they're in all the magazines, all the false poses and sexual innuendo things, the false smiles etc., THESE expressions are amazing because of the genuine nature of them. It's beautiful. It really is. I can't express it any other way.

Lets get into P3's kids. Adorable. The fucknut has and continues to send the son, these messages on his phone. We've used them to show her lack of stability. It's not working. What is it with the blinders that people have wherein they ASSUME that a mother's presence, no matter HOW MUCH PROOF there is to the CONTRARY needs to be in the life of a child? Particularly when they exhibit such utter fucking disregard for the mental and emotional well being of their children in the manner in which this cunt does it? Oh, you feel offended by my saying this? Trust me, not all parents are alike. You, perhaps are going on your experience right now and I'll advise you, your experience and feeling offended in some way, right now, needs to be put in your back pocket and you need to reach outside your personal reference point.

To read, messages, to a young man who is adorable, good boy all things considered and watch him (skillfully I might add, I know adults who can not do as well as he did, and HE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO DO THIS) deflect the utterly, self serving, manipulative, guilt inducing, evil things this fucking cunt says to him to make him feel and do as she wants? I mean… I can't read them without dissociating from them entirely. The link provided is for more severe things, however it’s the same principle. Unlinking from something unpleasant, THAT fucking unpleasant so you don’t absorb and/or react a particular way. It breaks my heart. Mind you, I feel that in my chest now, the damage this jackass will cause over these kids lifetime. smh

What they’re all seemingly missing is they say “this person” who raised them is “Okay” … well okay, some are born with mental disorders. Fine. I’m not buying it. Not now, not in this case, not ever. This woman is so incredibly fucked up, due to the things and the manner in which her life has unfolded yet… certainly NO ONE assisted this into happening and the psychologist that she saw at some point, what? Was so grandiose that they missed the very REAL FACT that, this woman was NOT healed AT ALL? Why… why is that? Because… it soothed the doctor? Because it fit neatly into said dr’s little book? It’s like… everyone was capable of focusing on this woman’s issues however they all seemed to miss, based on their personal blinders, that she never, ever changed and now she is going around fucking up some adorable kids.

Thankfully, I spoke to this psychologist on another matter and he is as disgusted as I am, with the manner in which some parents treat their children. Meaning, while my life experiences lend to my immediate anger in reaction to the things I hear and see that’s not my personal bias. It’s nice to have a person who see’s what you see, the moment you see it who doesn’t look at you and say… “Oh, that’s because YOU went through this”. Certainly, it’s a stronger trigger, I can agree with that, however anyone with a rational logical mind in their head would be utterly floored by said behavior.

I also think they are wrong in their assessments of certain things. I believe the peanuts, bonded with the older sibling because he was all they had to go to, while said female was ignoring them and doing whatever the fuck she wanted to. Said other humans “oh professionals” feel that one of them has this “disorder” (honey, they’re all going to fucking have some kind of disorder because of this woman) I think, they simple want to be around the older one due to the fact the boy took care of them more than the mother. See :) NOW THIS IS projecting because I did it with my brother. :) One has to be fair minded. Because in order to see, we have to get out of our own way.

This woman reminds me of this utter fucknut my friend up state married. The boy who she told to go die, over there so the stench from his rotting body wouldn’t bother her (yes, she said this, I was utterly fucking dumbfounded) he’s going to be a good damned fucking mess. And he’s so sweet. ANY TIME I have see that boy go up to her for any reason, she has a tiny micro expression on her face of … like… rage or instantaneous hate. She’s a god damned good actress. I tell you what. She’s not normal. Her daughters, one is just like her, she hates her the most they all say that child is the problem but it’s a mirror image of said mother, the other daughter is so soothing, different personality, certainly. That girl is so soothing it is incredible. Anyone wanna tell me why this young lady is so soothing?

If she appeases her mother, she will not be the target of her mothers fucknuttery wrath. I haven’t seen it however I wonder now, if she protects her siblings with this talent. It’s a survival skill for her. One that children should not have to develop due to their caregivers behavior or lack thereof.

The hand the rocks the cradle and those in said childs environment are highly important. It’s not solely about the mother or the father either. It starts there, certainly, however it branches out from there. Makes me sad.

Be good to each other. You’re all you’ve got. Some humans. smh

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