~ sympathetic nervous system ~ aand then it hits you. lol

For the record, Saturday’s post about that crap (scroll down if you like) was the venting portion, processing. It takes 3/5 days for something to process in my system (Not sure why I forget that when I know it’s true) today I saw a post about how girls (it was a joke, totally set me off lol) do all the things I referenced in yesterday’s post “like only girls/women” and I was like… O.O

What the fuck? Really broaden one’s perspective, ALL human beings are capable of fabulously horrid communication skills and retardation as I described yesterday. I made a whole separate post about it.

Nerve struck. This is day 3 of processing those feels attached to it and now… I’m just like… Shut. The fuck. Up. I really did not recognize, just how much black and white thinking there is on such matters how, only men do this thing or how only women do this thing.

It’s both sexes. Both sexes pull shit and/or have things they do. Wake. Up.

Today, I’m sufficiently annoyed. Unless you’re taught differently, to communicate well and/or better these bad habits start very young, are absorbed and taught through one’s environment and… honestly I’m still working on such things myself, I make a concerted effort every day, all the time, and humans wonder why their shit falls apart? I remember this young lady, she was 17, she needed me at an old job to show her something, I’d be on the phone… she would hover in front of me @ my desk vibrating so I’d look at her.

Every bad habit you learned as to how to related to others, from your past up through to the present is neatly collected in your system, based on your prior experiences in life and will and does, can in fact follow you forward in your life if you are not paying attention. They’re neatly embedded things, you CAN change them if you give them ANY thought whatsoever. May I suggest you give them thought. Over there.

Learn how to communicate, even if it HAS to be in writing or GTFO. Or the other thing dipshits do is, specially the one, they’ll hover while you’re on the fucking phone? (yes, it’s now hit my system for how annoying it is) You’re having a conversation ON THE PHONE they’re hearing only your side, they offer suggestions as to what they ASSUME the person on the other end of the phone is saying and what you need to do and/or say as well. WTF is that?

OR you’re on the phone, they want your attention and they’ll fucking hover like a 4 year old, hoping you’ll turn and give them the instant gratification of getting your undivided attention while you’re trying to do your work.

Please hold, is the term I use for any and all interruptions. Do you REALLY need me that badly in the next 30 seconds or few minutes that one needs to fucking hover like a 17 year old or younger? If there is a FIRE and I don’t smell the smoke, of course… hover, bother me, say something, otherwise? Get the fuck away from me. Don’t call my name and instantaneously expect me to drop what I’m doing to give you attention “in that moment”. I will speak to you, you just have to fucking wait.

Why (rhetorical) isn’t grade school over yet? How fucking old are said people? More importantly, if one finds that YOU do it to? Cut that shit out. WTF is wrong with you? Don’t answer that, I already know.

Because all the bad behaviors, that works for you, carry forward from childhood through to the present, because people do what works, because it’s all about you, because you have no fucking clue about mutuality, teamwork, reciprocity, processing things, coming to middle ground and your needs come first.

Thaaaat’s right, I’m right, YOU are WRONG. You see how that works? Because now, it’s all about ME. Presumptuous asshat dipshits, WTF? GROW UP. AND GET OFF ME.

Oh, you don’t like it? Oh, you’re not going to stop that shit because it serves you?

Do it over there. Far, far, far away from me.

Learn it: mutuality, teamwork, reciprocity, processing things, coming to middle ground, critical thinking skills, communication skills, patience etc., etc., being RIGHT all the time or cutting off communication damages relationships. The new young lady @ work is like, OMG O.O This place has so many emotional triggers, it’s not even funny. I laughed, not maliciously (she understands tho, so that’s cool, stress relieving stuff) because she’s right, I’m right. I always was, I know that. Then they argue with each other loudly like dip shits, so it’s not remotely related to “you” specifically, this is how they do things. It’s normal for them. If I had to say I have an accomplishment, it would be to not have picked up the bad behaviors myself.

First thing I learned, “People are busy formulating responses to what they’ve heard, vs. truly listening”. This is a skill, learn how to LISTEN and seek to understand vs. frustrating the fuck out of those around you. Also keep in mind, it goes both ways.

For the LOVE of ANYTHING decent, No, I’m not going to take your thoughts on as my own, I’m me, you’re you… fine. However for the LOVE of ANYTHING decent learn how to fucking communicate. Cuz ur driffen me crassay.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go blow off steam by walking around the house and venting out loud. lolol :) You may want to try it, it’s very helpful. :) Oh and by the way, I understand all of this, I do not need to be fixed, nor do I need to “understand anything” nor am I looking for advise. Fix your shit. :)

Be nice hoomanz. FFS

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