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Was at the bank yesterday, drive through and there’s a new young lady there. “Hello, how are you today!” They are seriously always very cheerful at this bank. It’s customer service related, I know, still cute though. :) The other young man who works there won a stuffed animal thingy with the banks logo on it and he was looking at it, I smiled and he was all like “I won this!”

Oh. Well, that was adorable. He was so pleased with it, you would have thought he’d won the lottery. Love seeing people get that way, it’s nice. Back to this young lady. She’s all, “Hello, how are you”, I smile put my check etc., in the bin, she pulls it in and I look up … and to give you a visual, there’s a man behind her, he’s overweight (really, overweight) in a suit, must be a manager, grey hair which was slicked back, lookin all suave’n’shit (COUGHBULLSHIT) he’s behind this young lady, he moves up closer behind her, puts his hands on both her shoulders, leans into her a bit, looks over her shoulder at (ploy fucking douche bag, you can see what she is doing from the side of her you muther fucker) the paperwork, says something about it (I assume) she fidgets is smiling, looking down and I instantaneously wanted to go through the window and rip his balls off.

All that whole, smarmy, hands on shoulder, move in too close bullshit? Highly inappropriate. I should know, I’ve been exposed to enough of it and guess what? “It was nothing I’d done”. Yeah, that’s my new mantra. For fun, I looked him in the face, it’s a fun expression (if only to me lol) where you look through them like they’re pure human fecal matter.

Oooh, he’s just being heeeelpful. yeah and that’s how the party started. There are those lines folks, you don’t cross them in certain situations. I’m a fairly large jokester, I mean the things that can fly out of my mouth at any given moment etc., they have their fine line moments too. What this guy did? Oh no… Just no. Yes, too invasive for ME so you have this young girl in there, fuck head’s in her space, hands around her shoulders, moved in to “help” her? Oh, please, go fuck yourself you fat bastard. Realizing I was glaring at him, for the fuck I think he is, I looked forward absentmindedly and I was like…

Can’t prove it, that would only get him a slap on the hand, maybe mind your manners thing from whomever if he was reported. Depends on the rules of whatever company. We know appropriate personal space boundaries with other human beings.

Some things are never going to change.

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  1. rebecca2000 says:

    Eww He needs to understand the bubble and stay out of it.

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