~ Empaths ~

I just had the good fortune of finding this site The Book of Storms, with lessons as to developing and soothing one’s self as to being an empath, I thought I lost as to empaths which I am and I’m reading it now. it also mentions psychology and things that are soothing and psychology sooths me quite a bit. It gives me a method to other people’s madness and my own as well.

Everything I have ever read, as it pertains to my own personal growth as well as expanding things I want to learn as to psychology, so many things intermingle. Gemini’s have certain character traits (which I’ve mentioned I do not follow 100%) which are also listed for the Highly Sensitive Person as well as a person with ADHD, hypervigilance, PTSD. This site is talking about how anxious empaths are and so do Gemini sites as well as certain disorders. It’s all relevant. I’ve also mentioned that I’m overwhelmed a lot by other people’s emotions and can sense them, from far away etc.,

Any time I have sensed someone, there’s a reason. If I haven’t seen them in a while, they show up or call or something is going on.

You’ll see this person, should you be so inclined to read the link above, intermingles certain pathologies together from a psychological standpoint. Which is why when I see changes in those DSM plah diagnosis things I become disturbed because while I respect the idea as to certain diagnosis’ unless there is a true mental illness, I lean heavily on developing one’s self more than listening to someone else’s perceptions. Certainly it’s nice to have a sounding board and to educate ourselves and self diagnosis in some cases is a very bad idea. I understand.

Yet, as a person who realizes I am a sponge as to other people and their emotions and what they put out, including reading them, sensing them etc., I am 100% positive that “it is them” when I say it or sense something. Particularly if I felt fine before hand. It does go to other things, however there are things outside of body language, tone of voice etc., that goes beyond sensing another person. Even if I give the benefit of the doubt as to some one, later on the truth comes out in the details. Which brings me back to my initial assessment. It is a rarity that I’ve been wrong.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’ve sensed things, known things and other’s have poo poo’d them, said I was paranoid, told me I was too tough on people, etc., etc., Yet… I still see what I see and when I’ve ignored my own good judgment and intuition, it’s always ended badly. For me. I need to vent, it’s why I come here, so I can vent and process the over flooding of emotions that hit my system where I spend my days. Even online there are patterns and things that go on as well. It’s all very interesting.

I get an awesome rush talking to people, making them laugh, banter, talking, otherwise… I grow bored. I need that type of stimulation whether I’m creating it by watching a movie, talking to others or the best kind intermingled is working out and of course music. Visual stimulation, images, sensory overload heaven and some not of course.

I live in the wrong place. I can tell you that. I need more space, more trees, more space. Nature and all those good things. Animals are an incredible instant high actually. Connections to other people are very interesting, fascinating, always fascinating. As an aside, I got my hair cut yesterday, I do not know what that peanut is doing wrong, but it’s lacking some symmetry for realz. I don’t know WTF she’s missing in what she’s doing but… smh it’s just not right. Symmetry is important too btw… IJS. Later :)

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6 Responses to ~ Empaths ~

  1. TikkTok says:

    My Hunny is like this, too. It’s exhausting. ….

    • Mystery says:

      Ohai Tikk :) He’s an empath? It is exhausting… I totally understand that. What’s he do to sooth himself?

      • TikkTok says:

        He gets away from people. And he watches horror flicks, lol. There are days he literally has to shut his door to decompress.

        • Mystery says:

          Yeah I watch action movies and stuff too. :) And I bought a truck, l engine, the seat is very comfy and fits me. I’ll sit there in the quiet for 5/10 minutes after work to decompress and I did it today as well when I went to the store. I hear that.

          It’s like at work when everything is quiet, I’ll sit there quietly and tidy up, they’re like go home. I’m like BE QUIET I’m decompressing. Fuuukkk lol

          • TikkTok says:

            Lololol. {“All is well in my world, all is well in my world……all is well in my world…..}

            • Mystery says:

              Oh, the computer skipped Tikk, what that said was the engine sounds/purrs like a quiet diesel engine which is very soothing to my brainz. :) Oh yeah, that’s a good chant. lolol

              At work, the one fella was like… you don’t want to go home do you. BE QUIET lol

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