Doctors ~ Medications ~ Surprise Ending

This is from 2011, it’s relative to the last post.


I developed a mindset as to physicians at some point years ago. Most revere doctor’s in their little white coats and the stethoscope draped neatly around their neck, and look to them to solve the most important mystery. Their health and what to do in order to maintain it or save someone they love who may be ill. Right? No small feat, years of experience and expertise under their belt is definitely a good thing, and we benefit from it.

All take what is called the Hippocratic Oath  (  when they become physicians. There are two versions in this link the older one and the revised version. My favorite portion of the second version can be found on the lower portion of the page. It states: My links did not work, I did something wrong. Ugh… sticks out bottom lip… Oh well.

“I will remember that there is art to…

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