~ Human Puzzles * People Who Mirror Your Behaviors ~

All human beings are this ginormous amazing puzzle. Start combining a bunch of them in a room and you have an even bigger, more intricate puzzle. It’s very, very interesting.

We have a new person at work, she is also a Gemini. I don’t give 100% credence to any one thing, I am well aware that there are variables, however a while back, couple years on here… the topic came up when this cunt was working at my office. Her name was Nog, at least on here it was. Oh and she by the way is still at the firm I was at doing devious things, my peanut came for a visit and she (I did not ask, I assure you, but she wanted to talk about it. Okay.) informes me that Nog blew (yes, blow job, keep up) this skanky fukking guy who used to come in the office. This man is a complete and utter fucking dirtbag. She blew him. I’m not surprised, not even a little.

Moving on. Now, at the time, the “idea” came up, as it often does due to a phrase being passed around and people quite literally NOT THINKING about what it truly means, thereby burying themselves to figure out, what is it “about them” that is identical or similar to this person. Someone, I forget who, mentioned it to me about this human Nog. I was like… wtf? She was a conniving douche nozzle who had no scruples whatsoever. So, the thing people say is as follows:

“We hate people who mirror our behaviors in some way, because we identify with them and don’t like them and THIS is why.”

I’m here to tell you, that is bullshit. Variables apply.

The new girl at my job is, a Gemini, like me. We have particular characteristics via said assessment that those sites give you (which BTW mirror ADHD, A’m just pointing that out for fun) and I’m looking at this young lady, her mannerisms, how she zones out in the middle of a conversation, the things that light her up like a roman candle and, I’m a gemini by the way, she is incredibly like me. So are a couple male friends of mine. Witty too. :) lol

Seriously though and I’m not sure if it’s because I know myself fairly well at this juncture or not, however I watch her process things, respond to things, zone out (just like me mind you) and I find it charming. I’m not annoyed at all by this mini human who mirrors SO many of my behaviors it’s not even a little bit funny. I’ve laid a based line for her and I to communicate (honesty), from the beginning. That’s important. And we laugh at each other, then redirect one another, she’s very bright. I’m going to miss her. She’s very sweet, she’s been through so much in life so far, single parent, a nice person. Truly.

I mean, it’s hilarious to me in a nice way. Not a malicious manner, certainly not. She allows me to read her. Meaning we’ve had conversations where we were discussing body language and she did something body wise, so I quickly described what she was doing and I smiled. :) She was fidgeting all over the place, she didn’t know how to stand, where to put her hands, her face… and we both burst out laughing. That is very cool. These are the people I enjoy hanging out with. I help to create that type of atmosphere as well. It’s important to create these things in life. I am a massive fan.

Anyway, so… as to the whole, “We hate others who mirror our own behaviors?” thought process? Puhleeze stop repeating shit other people are repeating, from someone else, who literally never gave it any conscious thought whatsoever. Because the byproduct of it all would be YOU think that you’re like some asshole you hate.

Sometimes, an asshole is an asshole. Get it? Good.

K :) I’m done.

Oh and she’s leaving soon, I’m sure of it. Either by her own bidding or my bosses. I think she’s doing remarkably well. Try’s really hard, goofed off a bit too much in the beginning but she’s really trying and that’s awesome. And they’re not happy with her and I don’t understand it.

We’ll get into the details at work, soon as I siphon that mess out. Like… said human I work for, “does” like me. And we’re talking we have had … fights (he started them, I did not, so you know.) wherein the roof AND the walls blew off the fucking building and… I still have a job. It’s illogical. Truly.

Today, said behavior was felt from said human, w/them it’s body language and how they feel, however I felt it, heard it, turned and snarled. I still redirect them, however I’m done with the communicative shit wherein I suck it up and redirect them. I still redirect them, however there’s no more suppression going on while being “good” so as to redirect things in a healthy manner.

And… it’s interesting, I turned today… and my left nostril (I find this amusing and/or interesting, it’s like a fucking dog for Christs sake) went up, my teeth (my canines lol) prolly bared for a split second and I glared at him.

He stopped said behavior. So, basically, what he is teaching me is that to maintain calm, nice, communicative environment during my day, I snarl when he “starts” the behavior and he’ll rein himself back in. Some would say HEY! Do what works!

But… I don’t want to do that. Do not do that fukky behavior… why on earth would I want to literally snarl at someone, an adult (don’t explain it to me, I get it) to … whaaa?

Shut the fuck up. There is no prize for this nonsense. Yeah, I’m still there. It appears… and I find this odd… I think they really do consider me part of “their lives”… I’m uhm, slightly in awe of this? It doesn’t make sense to me.

So, I’m trying to make sense of it. It doesn’t make sense. LOL :) Be good to each other. Be a nice hooman :)

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