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lense I have an article about pretty little pictures the mind creates if left unattended. I’ve also been fortunate enough to have people admit to me, which is cool because some may think WTF? They didn’t, that’s what’s cool, they simply said… “Oh yeah, I’ve done that too”. You meet a person, can be any person. You have tiny details, or more than that, as to who they are. It can be in real life or online, just doesn’t matter. There’s a connection, for you, (maybe them, we’re going to stick with “you” for now) and well, to be fair, there always seemed to be a link as to who I personally got attached to and that’s on a different level. You sense them, it’s unexplainable, however it’s happened to me a very long time so I don’t negate these experiences anymore, I wait and see. As an example, one time many, many years ago I was at work, I had a bad feeling about this person I was recently dating. It was the weirdest thing, it was a bad feeling (Cool, my mind just handed me a picture of him. Wow, hawt little critter. This isn’t the same thing, that’s just a memory.) like I wouldn’t like something. Later on, I found out they were sleeping with their best friends girlfriend that afternoon. Go on… shake your head like that’s not possible. I’ll wait. However it was true. Coincidence? If that is what works for you, by all means, believe that.

There is this, connection I have made over the years with certain people. It’s always something

lol Seemed appropriate.

lol Seemed appropriate.

deeper. However, self mind fukking is another thing entirely and I wish I could locate the psychological aspect of it (my folder got wiped out accidentally with all that well labeled stuff damn it) however we’ll go with what I know and what I’ve seen people do, and myself. To be fair. So, a connection is made with a person, it could be “only your” connection (I’m off on this a bit, however it’s there) and suddenly, you’re not thinking about them at all, or have any link whatsoever with them (knowing them for extended period of time, etc.) and Poof … there they are, flying through your mind, doing something that you have no knowledge about at all. It’s the coolest thing really. They pop into your head and its a pretty powerful feeling, you sense how they feel, it’s inexplicable really. It’s almost as if they’re as open to you as you might be to them. I err on the side of caution with such things, because I’ve learned those types of connections, may not turn out well. Goes to how one feels.

It’s like the other day, I was in an incredibly good mood, at the store. This human I know popped into my head and wouldn’t get out (and I redirected myself several times, no need to feed the trollz of this little “gift”) they were gleefully swimming around, doing whatever. First I grinned and thought how cool that was. Coupled with this was life experience, wherein whenever I’ve had a connection “just like that” it’s never turned out well as it pertains to me. Literally. Nnnnnever. What happens thereafter, is your mind begins to fill in the blanks as to this person and who they are, what they’re doing, what you could be doing and it is this instantaneous flood of pictures, primarily from your past and how things would normally go when a connection is made vs. how they really are. So your mind hands you, the past experiences, intermingles them with this present feeling and if you’re paying attention at all… ? You will kick them, the fuck out of your head. lolol :)

None of it is true, unless it’s a reality. The emotions I’ve sensed from others over the years is absolutely true. Of this, I have no doubt. They open and close, some people feel better than others, some never go away, some go away over time as that link is diminished between the two of you, to pop in there are random times and you, do not, have to be thinking about them at all. They are thinking about you. I know a couple people who are aware of these things, I don’t need them to know, what I know… however it is nice to have company who understands how this works. It’s quite neat. Also lends itself to the dreams I’ve had all my life about things I couldn’t figure out or didn’t know while I was awake. Those are incredibly cool.

Think Empath. Then wave at me, I’ll wave back and you’ll understand. I had a much better link, which I lost in that folder that describes this. Meditation would help me greatly, it’s also why being around certain people is so emotionally draining. Although, one does not have to be an empath to feel emotionally drained from another human being’s behavior. It’s right fucking there… feel it? That’s not you, that’s them. It’s also reason 502 to know yourself well because if you felt fine a minute ago, someone comes into your space (or you head, in my case) that’s them, not you.

Oh sure, you could explain this all away. :) Go on. I’ll wait. O.o Don’t bother. Truly. Do, not, bother.

Anyway, so this connection is made, pieces of information start compiling into a folder as to this person you know, and your mind will gleefully put, in the blank spaces, what YOU believe they’re doing and/or not doing based on what? What you “assume” they are doing. It’s like seeing a picture of a person doing something, that is ONLY one moment in time. That 1 second or 2 that it took them to take the picture and your mind takes that picture and splays it out as if it’s precisely what’s going on. Now, I use sending pictures as a cute thing, a trust thing like when I’m late for work, there’s an accident I’ll send a picture so they can see why I’m late. I got pulled over the other day for going a little too fast, took a picture of my rear view mirror of the lights and sent it to my boss. LOL :) Yes, Yes I did. Hahaha! No, I only got tiny ticket which was cool.

So, while your mind is filling in the blanks as to what you think they’re doing, what they could be doing, you have no fucking idea as to any of it. It’s what YOU want to believe and/or happen. It depends. However, I digress, lets go back to this human who permeated my cranium. They were there for approximately 2/3 days. I felt it, I was like Oooh Nooo, we’re not doing that again. So, I focused really hard, like this meditation thing and pushed them out. Buh bye. I did rather well too, I felt nothing at all and I thought, well, this is much better. Whew!

I really, really have to focus and try this.

I really, really have to focus and try this.

And then… out of the blue again, with absolutely no prompting from any external source, there they were again. I literally was not thinking about anything remotely related to this human being and POOF there they were again. Gawd damn it. All people, put forward energy and vibes from who they are. Some feel soothing and nice, others are a bit iffy, others have a different effect. They’re like a zap of lightening. It’s been my experience that those are the ones, one should be careful about. I wish, I was making this up. I do. I would rather say, Oh haaey, Mystery is off her rocker and it’s just this delusional bunch of shit because she’s nuts. I fucking wish that shit. Except, unfortunately, I have too much of a history with it, too many things that happened, when I wasn’t looking for anything at all wherein later on, these things were real and I found out and … you think, fuck. I knew that.

Of course, of course some would think I’m odd. Then again :) who are they? They don’t understand it. Most people have intuition. Some attribute this to hypervigilance, abuse, pstd, etc., etc., and it all could very well mirror being “that aware”. One cannot explain these other things though. The other interesting aspect to sense from a person is when they’re blocking you out and you feel nothing at all from them. It’s like an empty feeling vs. a soothing, comfortable feeling. That can be indicative of a couple of things. You decide where you want that person, literally. I find these connections fascinating and the more I learn, the more fascinated I become.

In any event, this got quite long, I’m rather unsettled by this connection, which was unexpected. They usually hurt the most, to be honest. So, maybe I should actually try and learn to meditate. I don’t sit still long enough though… I’m very hyper. My friend, on here, tried to show me/tell me one day. It didn’t stick. It wasn’t a me thing (thank you though) that soothed me.

Wish me well. Yeah, I know I sound like a fruit loop to those of you who do not understand. That’s okay. :) I’m used to it by now. In any event, one should listen to their intuition and learn to define whose emotions you are feeling in that moment. If you did not feel that way, prior to them showing up, it’s them. Tu untiende? Good.

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