~ Moar Brainz O.O ~ Narcissists

Squee. :) lol So, and then, my other friend has been writing about narcissism, personality disorders etc., and I’m soooo essited! They’re in school for it, or… crap, well something like that anyway, I think yes. I just… forget precisely what they said, however I think it’s a definite yes as to school, etc. So, they’ve been putting up cool posts about various things, how behaviors intermingle etc., etc., and my goodness, I’m happeh.

If I don’t know, I stay shut. Certainly, this is followed up with, reading up as to whatever the topic is, to either educate myself OR refresh my memory, because I want to play too. It still always comes out in simplified form for me after I’ve read it. Narcissists are fuckwads and I don’t care how it evolved, just that they stop the behavior that hurts other people. That’s pretty much a no brainer.

I had 3 bosses in the past 12 years that fit the description of a narcissist. They were true cunts to be around. Everyone in the office walked around on egg shells, I didn’t like that. You can imagine I got let go from 2 and the third, most recently last year, I left and found other employment. There are no places to report an employer for this behavior. I’ve checked, I’ve called and questioned the bar associations with the one guy. Nothing could be done. They were hostile work environments too, so really you’d have to have people willing to stand up and stick up not only YOU if you called them to a stand but themselves as well and if they were still employed there, or even gone, it’s been my experience, most will not do it. So these assholes continue on terrorizing people for as long as they have a business, or… get hit by a bus. Would I do it? Absolutely, I would testify if I was subpoenaed or asked to. Ah, but what if you were labeled as a trouble maker by your current employer?

Yes. I would still do it. I don’t actually have to tell them, if I was worried and I also think that if they’re not that way, they would need to shut the fuck up. The only problem an employer, I believe, would have is their work isn’t getting done. Speculation at best, I know. The problem with these types of lawsuits is that it’s all about heresay, each individuals personal tolerance etc., and I’ve worked with some pretty angry, narcissistic, degrading people in my time. From, when I was younger forward. I didn’t know there was an actual name for them until my 30’s or that they had some fucked up shit going on in their heads. I figured they were just assholes. lol :)

I did have a sexual harassment case years ago, which they were going to take on a contingency basis, that’s how good it was, I could have had three actually over the years. Wait, no… 4 if you count that guy when I was 19. I think about, in the things I write, see, have learned etc., how much different I could be, if I viewed the world and the people in it as one big blanket statement. Like… all men and/or women do “this” and I always looked at it from the perspective of, “this asshole did that” and got rid of them. I mean, yes, some scarring remained due to the experiences I’ve had. Some come out in insidious ways, some come out instantaneously depending on the button that’s pushed, which is very interesting. However looking at the whole world as though it were evil, all the people in it, no… I’m aware of the bad things people can do, I pay attention. You have to. Because some people do bad things, bad people do bad things. Those people can do bad, over there. Or fall off a cliff, which would be better.

However not all people are bad. Some just make bad choices, never thought about anything any differently before and I hadn’t either prior to the past, I guess 15 years, you know put thought into it as I have.

Anyway, it’s all relative. If only in my mind. I have to go finish reading up on personality disorders so I can play. :) lol The mind is so cool, why u not like teh miend? O.O I’m tickled these people are talking about such things though, others don’t want to talk about it this manner, like back and forth, I read stuff almost every day, however work exhausts me, it’s nice to have some incentive to read a bit more. I would consider school for it, psychology but they want you to take all this other shit, I do not test well, verbal testing I would do awesome at, just not all that written shit. I do, however, have a plethura of sites to read, courses and the like and that’s free, that works because I can’t afford a class anyway and I don’t want to go. Honestly, I just don’t want to go to a classroom, nor an online class either. My brain turns to mush during a test. Always has really.

There is this young man, on TED speaks? He thinks and does things like me? Like, he retains things differently, skips from one thing to the other, very bright and his parents totally supported everything he was interested in, he wasn’t stifled. No, no, I’m not blaming my parents. That would have been cool though. I never would have stayed with any one thing, the fact that I’ve stuck w/psychology this long, is because it’s soothing, I like puzzles, I like all of that stuff. Oh… I feel sad for some reason. What’s that? Well, now, I guess that will bubble up at some point, why I feel sad for some reason. Soon enough. :) later.

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