~ Plagiarism ~

Someone the other day, copy and pasted someone else’s work (plagiarized) I fell over it via someone else’s post, commented on original work to ask for an explanation, it became a public post on my page. Oh, well, okay then. :) He did show up and respond, however swirled the conversation around, used copyright law as his defense. I advised those laws are also applicable to what he’d done as he put the work up as his own. Copyright law is REALLY long, he was being slippery like an eel, I didn’t feel like reading it all, although you “know” they were wrong.

So, I let it rest “literally” because playing fukktard for the remainder of the afternoon, I really, really wasn’t in the mood. This other person put up two links within the thread wherein someone else caught him doing it as well. (Insert horse laugh here, sucka!) Then yesterday, the author shows up on my page and demands him to take it down, it’s her work, he’s lying. He acquiesced. The liar. He wouldn’t admit anything, he touched on the topic, then diverted it (quite smoothly, I must say, gross) and I advised him about loopholes in such things, which he was definitely trying to use to his benefit because he’d been caught red handed. Suffices to say he said everything and nothing to divert blame from what he’d done as to how it had been done to him. I advised him since this was “oh so important” how he should have known better. Yes? DUGH.

He’d said I was a “keeper” the other day. Why? I have no idea because we’ve never spoken “at all”. It was in some thread where someone was being added to someone’s circles and he’d said it. I thought that was strange. Think he still wubz me naow? :) lolol

Make up your own shit. We all use references, etc., I do, however I’m not swiping someone else’s shit and you’re supposed to include your references, etc., where applicable if you “have” used someone else’s shit or put a link etc., That woman whose work he stole? LOL She was pissed! Rightfully so. When I saw the comment on my post I was all like O.O oooh, someone’s gonna git it! lololol Sucka!!! Someone recreated what I did here once, I didn’t bother with it because they reworded it really well, however I did see it. Nice job. :)

Oh and he was an expert of some kind. You see? I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, all human beings are capable of fukkery, including but not limited to experts. Never idealize someone, it’s a really bad idea. I’d never read any of said human’s stuff. I didn’t like his face and I didn’t care for the fact that he felt I was “a keeper” when we’d never spoken. That seems disingenuous to me, I’ll stick with my original assessment. Okay? Thanxxxx :)

What I will say, that I find interesting is that the tactics/methods by which this human I know, and others use sprang gleefully to mind as to how to nail this person. I already had my own, I’ve used them before and the other day, etc., etc., Years ago there was this holier than thou fucktard in this silver spoon community and when I was done w/him, he called me a bitch. :)

Oops. He wasn’t as nice as he wanted everyone to believe, I saw it and he buried himself really. Why you LIE to people about who you are and what you put out into the world? People get hurt that way fuck face. :) Be a nice hooman. Actually, there were two from back then. If you continue speaking to them, asking things, redirecting them from the “fluff” they put out into the world, who they really are always comes out. Not because of anything you’ve done “literally” just because it’s who they really are and you’re shaking their ego tree by asking them to explain or show you something. When they can’t they get very upset. lolol

This guy Barry (hahaha) he used the socratic method at the time to communicate with people? That’s not really for … you know, every day communications, it puts some (almost everyone) on guard, pisses other’s off because they’re an expert. He was very good. I used to watch him, he just kept on delivering and quite well. He was in my personal growth network, however that’s no place for that method of communication unless a person is ready for it. Literally.

aagh, humans :) lolol Why you haz idjut?

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