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I read three separate things on ego over the weekend. Two I already had, one from someone else. All very good, all different. Still soothing. I’ve read them before, they’re always soothing. I also read a few stories as well by adults, wherein they’re talking about children and the hell their parents put them through. Two of them, should meet, due to the similarities. You know, the level of understanding would be, soothing. One does not want to end up, mentally circling a topic and being held down or back by those who hold onto it, these things need to be processed. If you’re around people who are holding onto it, it can turn you into someone else, not someone you’d like to be. Sorry, not someone I would like to see them be, which is unhealed. Anyway …

The ego things talked about our center peron, who we are w/o all of societies bullshit dripping in our heads and defining us. It seems to me, human beings want to be seen, so they can heal and move forward, which is great. Or other reasons, it’s all relative in the end and highly indivualized. Just like me, they have to see it themselves. It’s why it’s not my job to fix their shit BTW. Support etc., all nice things. Someone asked me the other day, Do you speak to everyone like this? I said, not really… It was slightly different at the time, however after that and even during I thought… well, yeah. Lots of people tell me things, sometimes things I don’t need to hear… In some cases, I’d say they feel safe. Others do it for an entirely different reason, victim mentality and the like. There’s a difference between feeling good expression your life and what you’ve been through to someone vs. doing it because it yields you attention of some kind because that’s how you get attention. I can feel that, in my chest. It’s also very nice when I sense how happy someone is, which is a different topic, however it’s still really, really cool. I smile instantly. Some of them have been through, horrible things and they aren’t lashing out at anyone, not being a douche, etc., some stuff makes me want to cry actually. On their behalf. They’re seemingly fine and I’m all like. O.O Well… what on earth is my point.

I miss my friend who passed. She had a way with people … I’d have to say, it was pure. You felt pure around her. No pretense, no deviation from who she was, with anyone. What they say is, if “we” are love and put that out into the world, we change the world and/or bring love to us. Well… I don’t know about that, however I can see how one would believe that. Myself included, many people were drawn to her because of who she was. I still think about her (obviously) she had no personal agenda. She was beautiful on the inside as much as on the outside. I know other people who are equally as open, it’s very nice. You feel this in your chest, in the manner in which they speak, write, etc. it’s a vibrational level combined with other things.

heh, over the weekend this utter fucking retard said something stupid, I rationalized with them initially however they were confusing. In back peddling from their initial statement, their pure ignorance as to the topic at hand, was … stunning. I asked my friend to look at it, tell me what they saw and it was circular logic designed to say everything and nothing. Explains my confusion. I’d given up on the conversation however my friend pointed out some things I’d missed. Then :) We ate him and he acted like a fuckwit, then we played with his ass some more. The best contradiction the guy made was when he lashed out irrationally because his world view is so small, it must me me and my friends fault. lolol You know this because the name calling starts, you know… my friend was the ass clown and I was a cunt. LOLOL Le’douche! I sincerely thanked them for revealing who we all thought they were. :) Good boy. I have no patience for people who don’t communicate cleanly and divert things to save their own ass. Fortunately, I know many people who do not do this. Those who are good communicators, even on topics I’m not familiar with are a pleasure to read. They’re not agreeing with one another, however they’re not being ignorant twats either.

This other person I know put up a some what riskeh picture of themselves yesterday. They looked like… desert. :) lol Holy fucking shit. I had, an entirely different picture in my mind as to who they were and what they looked like and it was due to a conversation well over 8/10 months ago, as to a profile picture. WAY fucking far left field. I was like… Hnnnnnnggg… lolol They have a delicious voice too. DOWN DOWN GIRL DOWN! :) Oh! Look, I just pictured them again. Okay… that’s enough about that, put that away. There’s another one too whose picture I saw as well. Hnnnnggg… lolol Men. Delectable creatures. Aren’t they? Oh and apparently, I’m sapiosexual. Neat huh? More importantly, to know a person for who they are first, really is the most important thing, despite the fact that the whole Hawtness factor is blinding to my sense, the intelligence is an even bigger draw. There’s 3 actually… I sit, grin like a hyena… do you think, they should invent scratch n’sniff for the computer screen so I can smell them too? HA! Then we’d have intelligence, the hnnngg factor and they’d smell good? O.O Doomed. I’d be doomed I tell you.

Ok. Drooling over. Back in the box you. :) Who the fuck is “you”. Why, the other side of my personality of course. One of them anyway. The one who has no logic when sensory overload is present. Yeah, she’s on a tight leash. Oh, well you need to do something about such things. That’s really never yielded very good results if I recall. Blinding animal instincts are cute, specially if they’re funny on top of everything else, however … I think I’ll appreciate who they are, okay? :) Okay. Anyway… I had something I thought I wanted to say. Apparently not anymore. The visualization threw me off. hahaha! Awwww yeaaah. :) Woofie. :) I’m done, wish me well at work. smh

If you need me, I’ll be over here grinning like a hyena, thinking… holy muther of… hnnnnggg… that’s nice. LOL :) Okay, back in the box. Yes dear. LOL

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