~ Murderous ~

The title is a bit extreme however, things have changed where I spend my day. The energy alone of one person, was enough to absorb and try to deflect and now there are two. Tell me (rhetorical) how does one stand idly by while someone is being chastised for something in a manner that makes them feel small, and say nothing?

I’d like to say, in advance, “Make it stop”

No, no, I’m right. Based on past behaviors of said humans, it will turn into the same chaotic, emotionally mind fucking, tumultuous place it was before. I get to try and figure out ways to block it out … lol Oh yeah, because it’s so easy to do w/o feeling like a mack truck just drove through your chest.

Wish me luck.

sniff, sniff… you smell change coming?

All rhetorical. No worries. :)

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