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Take my hand, I'm adorable. :)

Take my hand, I’m adorable. :)

Humans. Gotta love’em. Or not… not “that” human over there anyway, they’re not a nice human. I could be working out right now, I started, my schedule changed up, like to do it in the morning, plus did one video that was longer and my body said… Sooooo, listen, those old injuries? You know, the ones that I’ll revive for you, if you do too much too soon? Tweaked a bit, so combined, I took days off. I’ll resume, it’s important. Just, apparently, not today.

As an aside, did you know? WordPress’ new features allow you to see the picture in the screen in newer blogs? This older set up just gives you all that gobbldegook. I like the newer one, me’be in settings I could fix that, it’s nice to see a preview, w/o clicking preview.

I laugh at all kinds of things now. Horrible things, life experiences etc., I always did but it’s more pronounced now. Not really important stuff… okay, that too. HOWEVER reason being is, at some point, while life and some of the people in it, some of the things people do are certainly not funny, it’s nothing new. Meaning, I haven’t heard everything or seen everything there is to see, however one thing is true, everyone fucks up, everyone has something they’re contending with, everyone has their little triggers (not at my expense mind you, fuck off, deal with your shit, thank you) and things that bother them. I don’t mind working with someone, or going through them like a mack truck when necessary. Not the last part all the time, dealing with some types leaves me exhausted. Mentally and emotionally, even when there is significant change. See Son of a Bitch post from yesterday. It’s relevant.

Life leaves a mark. Wrong. Other people leave marks. Animals are kinder, so you know, they’ll

Woofeh :)

Woofeh :)

growl first, warn you, then bite you. I’m a fan, I growl first, then decide what I’m going to do with someone. I don’t want rabies so I try not to bite. :) lol If I do bite, they’ve asked for it. I”m sure of it at this point because I said it on here for a long time, it’s because I seek to understand first, etc., etc., This is now a firmly embedded belief that will not be shaken. It’s permanent.

Oh and fuck you life lessons. :) Oh, wait… I’m sorry, fuck you humans who taught me these life lessons. I’d much rather learn from a dog. You know, feed me, love me, walk me, take care of me and we’ll be fine. They’re smart, don’t you think? Very simple living things. I may like a simplistic life, like that. I’d also like to think I view the world in simplistic terms like this and for the most part, I think I do. Cept, for that person over there who makes me growl. That’s simple. Right? They’re a bone head, I growl, warning served. Seems fair.

Oh and why, yes… of course I’d nuzzle my nose up into your armpit if I thought it would make you smile. Don’t be stupid. lol

Where I spend my days, there are dogs. One human there, yesterday saw the one horse (big doggie) shove her head under my arm while I was typing and says, “Just get a dog already”… I was like nope, I’m not allowed to where I am and I can play with yours and not have the responsibility. :) Wait. What? Play with… what? haahaha! Ooh, I’m silleh stoopid. Woof.

Bitch SlapThe one human there has these… explosions. They’re ingrained. Anyway, Oh! As an aside, for those of you who like to throw tantrums? When you calm the fuck down, you rageaholic muther fukker, it does not mean you turn into a pussy. If you do not understand this, all it means is you stop being a fukktard and learn how to communicate like an intelligent human being. One doesn’t have to be a bull in a china shop to be heard, etc., etc., blah, fucking blah. Said human I work with consistently says how, I have a way with people.

Well. Who would I be to disagree with him? I do have a way with people. :) Cept… of course, that asshole over there. I digress. The list I referenced making in yesterday’s post as to the positive change any one human can make, after kicking their ass repeatedly (oye) needs to have the pro and con aspect of it. See, the mind is kind, we forget the things people do to us over time… especially during the good behavior periods. The body, of course, retains the emotional triggers. That’s no fun. Over time, when the individual stops doing these things, or they lessen, so does your body’s expectation that those things they used to blow up over, they’re not going to anymore and/or haven’t. “For now”.

I’ve done the reasoning, redirecting, flipping, etc., etc., etc., sarcasm and humor is invaluable. One thing I had not tried and advised them the other day about, was the following: “When you behave “this way” you give me chest pains” (which is true) … The other will be, “If you do that again, I’m going home” I have said, if I can’t think straight, I can’t type. LOL ! Trust me, that’s good too.

Further, if you read yesterday’s post, I (unfortunately) have a higher tolerance for s.o.b’s due to all the son’s a bitches I’ve been around who were “overall” good people. Except that asshole over there… always know, there’s an asshole over there, who has absolutely no good fukking intentions whatsoever and they have to go, just like those narcissistic pricks I’ve worked with over the years who were such cunts, they should be sucking slime through a straw at the bottom of a porta potty. At this stage though, in my life, the emotional ramifications, the physical ramifications of these things, do not roll off. A volatile person is a volatile person. A person who is aggressive is an aggressive person, a person who is uh… you get the picture, right? I don’t want to deal with that shit anymore. If you can dish it? I’m going to growl at you, if you continue, you’ll be bitten, if you continue you’ll be removed. I have no desire to be involved with any kind of nonsense and fukkery anymore.

Please reference the above paragraph though, wherein I’m clear as to you don’t have to be a twatdemons or a neanderthal to articulate yourself and play well with others. Mind you, none of this means I’ll stop using all those great things I’ve learned. And of course, you know if someone needs my help, there are variables, certainly. Life has a block button. Use it.

I’ve ranted at length about bad behaviors. I’ve redirected my emotional responses ad nauseum, to process them faster… that’s very nice. Actually, it is, it’s a defense mechanism really, although, the emotions are only suppressed and eventually come out later anyway, I use humor for that release. And soon too, working out again. Invaluable.

After all of this … these idiots are growing on me. O.O I can’t fucking believe it. I realized this yesterday. S’like… they were hiring someone new, this human knows exactly how I am, they’ve made comments etc., not derogatory ones, ones wherein you know they’re very well aware of who you are etc., and likewise. Certainly. They didn’t hire (haahaha) one woman because she was older and LOLOL … they said, she wouldn’t like your cursing.


Later on I thought, Oh because you’re tantrums are so much better aren’t they. dipshit.

Of course I'm perfect, I'm a pretty little pony ... look! Just LOOK AT ME ! :)

Of course I’m perfect, I’m a pretty little pony … look! Just LOOK AT ME ! :)

Oh, there’s no pro and cons list fo’me? Of course there is, you’d be a fuckwitted numpty not to think that they don’t have one for me as well. And I do curse, not at someone, about things and when they said it, I said… well… if it is too much, I can temper it. It’s only about things I hate … insert sheepish grin. They advised they didn’t mind, however I’ve paid more attention. It was a fair statement.

What do you mean “I” am not perfect? Fuck you. :)

Anyway… I highly suspect I will bitch, piss and moan about their behaviors again. Yesterday though, for the umpteenth time, I saw a couple of them under the surface, the person they really are the “why” of it all, the reason they’re like that, their other side. I don’t mind having patience with someone.

I simply do not want to deal with “that” anymore.

I wonder… am I being assimilated in some way? haahaha! Join the collective! Could it be true?

He who fights for dominance loses in the end, for he'll stand alone. Or, in their infinite wisdom, will think they've won in some warped way. Go do warped over there.

He who fights for dominance loses in the end, for he’ll stand alone. Or, in their infinite wisdom, will think they’ve won in some warped way. Go do warped over there.

It’s a possibility because I wanted to stick up for one of them the other day. Primarily because they are a product of their environment, they’re trying really hard (they literally cannot help their behaviors, it’s… just… a part of them, different person though.) to redirect themselves. I looked at said human yesterday and I was like… ugh… I’m fond of this person? Shit. OH COME ON! When did that fucking happen! It was their facial expression, I’m getting very good at those, very good. If you’re paying attention at all, if you speak to the facial expression and can remove tone of voice and behavior (this is interesting by the way) it mingles in nicely with how a person responds to you.

Albeit on the phone you have only tone of voice. You’d be well served paying attention to that as well.

I’d talk about the pussy … (cough) sorry, that human who is skurred all the time but… you know, the type of person who, like the little shit bag they are, will rat anyone out to save their own ass, who will agree with you in your face and then go skurry back and say something because their skurred they’d get into trouble on some level and then YOU have to deal with it in some way. NOPE. They too, from here on in, will get the smile and nod. Lesson learned, they can be skurred (don’t see them often anyway), I’m not getting involved.

A wise choice.

wantI highly suspect I will bitch about bad behavior again. Don’t be surprised. However this… this is… unexpected. I wish people well, I don’t like to see people fight. My one friend on Google mentioned that I’m a fixer. :) Well… Okay, I prefer the term negotiator, semantics however I’d rather see people come to middle ground and resolve their differences versus having to kick your fucking ass, then deal with shit on any level. I do wish, human’s wouldn’t require it, be nice… stahp that shit.

Go forth and be aware of who you’re dealing with. Everyone’s going through something.

Just not at my expense. :) Thank you.

Be good to each other.

Still reserve the right to vent about these very same people’s behaviors.

You do it too. STFU

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