~ I love an Articulate Mind… Cranium Envy ~

It seems, as some of you know, I have a very firm belief that in time, we will find something we need, in the manner in which we need it. I’ll explain. My last post was about missing my friend, also missing the manner in which my friends cranium worked. Quite an intelligent human, I loved that about him. I’ve consistently though how I’d like to meet a person who has similar talents, in a manner conducive to me reading what they’ve said and wanting to fuck them silly due to the manner in which they expressed themselves. :)

Okay, so we’re not fucking anyone silly, however that’s the height of the glee I have when I adore a person’s mind. Unless, it’s a girl… eeeuwww, :) I like teh boyz. Course, there are highly intelligent women. This being said, when I stopped speaking to bone head I instantaneously thought I should find a replacement.

I want to be clear. One does not find a replacement for a person who matters to you, who you identified with in the manner in which I did this human. I tried anyway. It didn’t work, it wouldn’t work, primarily because for me it was, seemingly, a person who loved the human mind as much as I do and I never had to explain anything at all. I stand by the not needing to explain anything however, I’ve learned a few things … rather, I’ve come to realize a few things since them. I’m saying this wrong.

I will never idealize another person again, ever, without addressing the thing that affect me and doing the best I can to make a decision as to the emotional ramifications of same. Course if you work where I do, this completely negates that last sentence entirely. I’m well aware of it however variables apply. I did address things with this person, however the manner in which it evolved, please see history as to evolution under the picture above, it’s there from start to finish. Thank you. :) There’s a difference in the manner in which we meet people which makes a substantial difference in how any one relationship evolves.

Anyway! I was tagged in a post by a new human I’ve befriended. The person’s page where I was tagged? Haz a brilliant mind. I’ve been reading his stuff for 2 days now. It’s so fucking good AND I laugh as well (my fav) I thought… There he is… there’s this mind, I’ve been wanting. I know other quite brilliant humans, I’m ever so grateful, there’s a nack, if you will some people have, in the manner in which they write which speak to people. Not all types speak to all, however I like a particular kind.

I’m fucking happy to announce I found a mind I’d love to play with. :) !!!!

Oh…LOL No, we’re not doing THAT again are we. No, we’re not doing the catfish thing again, we’re merely going to enjoy the things they write about from ……………..over here. I’ve already advise said human that I love their cranium. I have no idea of they’re a nice person overall and I don’t … I don’t care. It’s the material, it’s the manner in which they write things, it’s the psychology of it all.

It’s the manner in which they make me tilt my head at the screen and think… my fucking god that’s good. These two men are so similar … yet so different (Catfish and new human) that… I would like to sit with the two of them, in a room, and watch them talk. THAT would be entertainment to me. GAWD DAMN that would be awesome :) O.O

I’ve met several people who have quite brilliant minds, I love playing with them all. This is different though.

Admittedly, paranoia took hold of me yesterday as the similarities etc., hit my system I thought… holy fuck, what if that’s the same person? The folder opened up in my mind, their history, the stories E put on their blog and based on the information presented by E, if it were the same person, I would be highly surprise. More importantly, I can see this person. Doesn’t mean anything, regardless of knowing who E is, I found the paranoia interesting anyway. One must love the mind and the things it throws at you based on emotional triggers and similarities.

I’m fucking happy right now. That’s for sure… I’m more happy I could literally send my prior human who I was so fond of a pizza. However, that’s stalkerish… You skurred? :) Think about what you know of me and ask yourself… Would she? :)

No, I would not. That’s simply my inner child, giggling gleefully at the idea of something she would never do. It was more about the LIE and not knowing. I find it illogical that he can know exactly who I am and I did not have that information. I do not like liars, I do not like people taking advantage if my good nature and fucking with my head. You see, knowing takes away fear. However I highly doubt they like the idea of my knowing.

So, for a change, perhaps they might worry themselves about what I could possibly be capable of. That would suck… and would turn about be fair play? Me’be they should open the folder in their mind, siphon through all the information in there and ask themselves… would she?

Oh and while you’re at it :) On one level, I hope it feels as bad to you as what you did to me feels. You know, someone you thought you knew, someone who you spoke to all the time, who you COUGH valued and who valued you, who you pussied out from revealing yourself to. You know, me … who is pretty harmless and remember, if you’re afraid “at any point and time” think about how frightened you made me with your head games.

Maybe the question you need to ask yourself is… “Is turn about fair play” :)

No, contrary to how it sounds, I wish said human well.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and play with this humans cranium. Fuckin A man!

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