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lololol I was thinking about how ABjr., will be rejoining the office. I wouldn’t have lasted this long listening to them bicker and being interrupted CONSTANTLY by “do you have”, “have you seen”, “remember this thing”, “did you do that one thing”, “can you please”…. O.O I will say, I miss being the boss of my own files. MY GOD it was so much better like that. As long as there was person with a degree around to do “their job”, while I was busy doing their job. Literally at the one place. They didn’t touch it until trial. Being familiar with that area of law, it was a piece of cake anyway. Or… was that my job? Depends on the person and I don’t care, that’s what I was taught years ago and as long as who you work with is helping when you need it, it’s better that way. Providing they’re not dumping something on you to do that they should be doing. LITERALLY what they should be doing because they’re out farting around. “Literally” out farting around.

Oh yeah, I’ve thoroughly lost my cool on this person too. Only once, my intestines came out and splocked them in the face. It almost looked like they had curls. Why? Because for 30 minutes I listened to them whining about how they couldn’t do this, they were going to lose it, that’s wrong, why does everyone else make this so difficult, how come this, how come that, the whining and the loudness and the over reaction to this fucking fixable thing was incredible. Finally… I stood up and among other things and I couldn’t hear myself think or hear my work and among other things, all you heard was… “WILL YOU SHUT UP!!!!!” This was not the only instance they’d behaved in this manner either, IJS There’s this book I found in a list someone gave me, how to negotiate like a child? I read a little bit of it the other day and WOW … then you look around and it’s like, yup. People do what works.

You’d have to hear said human act the way they do, to truly appreciate it. I can’t imagine once they’re together for a couple weeks it won’t resume back to the same relationship they had before. Which was annoying and the people who would call, would be like… Oh lets schedule this so we can hear them arguing in the other room. I always laugh when they bring that up because it’s true. I can feel the dark circles developing under my eyes, even now, from the exhaustion. No concept of what staff does, just “It’s only this one thing, you should be able to do this ONE thing” then the other one comes out and why isn’t this done? Then it’s well, AB will say tell ABjr to wait you have to do this but ABjr., is persistent as fuck and much like one would possibly do to a 4 yr., old you give them what they want to shut them the fuck up. No, I’m not a fan of giving a 4 yr., old something to shut them up, that’s bad. It’s simply an idea of how it used to be. Interestingly enough, I know exactly where this comes from.

If you really want to see how things rub off in any environment or via working some where, in a family, etc., etc., or in regard to any amount of time spent with other human beings where there are all these nuances of behaviors, etc., etc., this could not have been a more detailed example of same. Tone of voice, mannerisms, speech patterns, behaviors, how they get what they want, how they are the same, how they’re different. If it wasn’t burying me emotionally/mentally it’s so interesting on every other level. It is true what they say, unless you’re consciously aware of your behaviors and make an effort to change them, people do not see it. Me too, I’m not any different. This is live and in color though. I see it with myself and my immediate family. I’ve never imposed what they should do in anyway, however they want to be a child psychologist when they grow up because they feel children would be easier. I don’t really believe that’s true, however that’s what they said. Same body language, same responses to certain things, some I try an temper and change because they can learn better methods than mine :) No sense in lying about that, mine are “okay” however it took me a while to learn better methods so they can have a leg up… providing they didn’t have the influences around them to drag them back to assfuckthinking… O.o

One of my favorite clients came in again yesterday to drop something off, I was like.. you smell skunk? They laughed, I was like what? They explained about their medication. You figure that out and I was like REALLY!? It’s been 20 years since I had that kind of medication. There’s even a real prescription for it, they showed me. Remember contact highs? uh… you know, where … uhm. Yeah. I’ve been saying how I’d like to try something like that and that’s all I’m going to say about that. I also suggested to them that AB should try it too, I can only IMAGINE how well it could work for them. Now that I’m thinking about it, me’be that’s why they just look at said human I’m around all day and it just rolls off. O.O well, that and they’re not around them as much. Certainly. oh and they were all like “these people are put in front of you to “learn the lesson” … my facial expression said enough and we laughed. I don’t buy into that shit anymore at all. Why on EARTH would any one human being want to contend with that/this type of behavior on any level whatsoever is beyond me. It’s the nature of the beast and they’re way too fucking literal with this learn the lesson shit. I get it, I’m done. Close the fucking book. Communicative humans welcome ONLY. FFS

Today is Thursday, I feel pretty wiped out by this day, erry week, erry tiem. I spoke to this very cool woman on the phone earlier this week. We laughed like hell, lerv teh lulz, I highly recommend being that fucking funny with people to make your day better. I do it 24/7. No, it’s the truth. It enhances everyone’s day if/when presented in just the right manner. In any event, I’ve mentioned to AB that ABjr., drives me nuts in the past. Don’t you worry, ab will prolly blame abjr., for my leaving when I go. It’s simply the natural way of things. Surely it must be SOMEONE’s fucking fault, oh yeah… not MINE YOURS… as long as everyone gets their way in the end, no harm no foul right? Suuuureee if that’s what helps you sleep at night. Go on. Have at it. It’s retarded. Get into personal growth they said, learn all these cool things they said, SEE how things can be different they said… I’m being a bit of an ass lol Okay :) me’be a lot of sarcasm here yet… everything has multiple sides to it. Doesn’t it? Mmyaa, it does. Am I sorry I learned all of these things and continue to learn them?

No. The bonus is that you realize :) It really is them.

Insert sweet (although some what tired) smile “here”.

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