~ Dugh Moment… and then you realize ~


Giggle, release manic feelz left said body. Got to work, felt a bit lighter and then it hit me.  (Sigh)  Then I felt some what deflated. 

Those who are supportive of me and/or who I’ve spoken to etc., etc., about all this venting crap I’ve been doing and “get it” etc., who have known said person for all this time …  “All this time”  “x” number of years per person…  

What’s the important portion of that sentence/thought?   

They’ve always been this way”   Stands to reason, they will remain this way.   I KNOW, I KNOW

Damn it. 

I was so enjoying the illusion in my pretty little head that anything would change.  

Humans. Bah. I hate break ups. Fuck heads.

(not all, certainly not all humans are fukky)

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