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lenseSo this adorable client came in today, I like them a lot. They’ve been through quite a bit personally and they also know said human for quite some time. As a brief history, they told me the other day to view AB as though he was ill, furthermore they were on medication or whatever. I thought that was a good way to view it and we had laughed in the parking lot about it. They know how AB is so that was pretty cool. Today they asked a question and I asked AB and then called the client back (he’s a client too) so that explosion based on the responses was seemingly imminent because … what should we call this person? Benny. We’ll call said human Benny. :)

So Benny was like, You tell him… I was like Benny, a’m not doing that because you know that puts me in the middle of something I don’t belong in the middle of. He was like, you’re right, I’ll take care of him when I get in there. I like you and I don’t want to put you in that position. O.O OHAAAIII NORMAL HUMAN! :) Anyway, they were telling me what had been happening to him in the past week and poor kid. That ain’t right. This guy is a fighter if I ever saw one, Truly. A nice person to boot. So… they come in and the doctor they’ve been seeing fucked up his medication. So he was … it was interesting because the shit they gave him is NOT jiving with his system, he’s more aggressive and assertive. See… he always was however today he had this vibe to him, where you weren’t going to cross him, he was still fair minded but you sensed this from him in how he spoke and even though he’s sick, in how he came in. His demeanor was like a rock. I like that in a person as well as the fair manner in which they address things. That’s normal to me. I mean… duh?

I’ve mentioned it in other posts about there’s anger and all this other stuff and there are 4differences in being assertive, fair minded and direct. He was, unmistakably direct. At one point he was like… you want me to take care of AB for you? I will… I laughed, that was so cute and at one point, he was like I like you and as I turned he like uh… you know the fond gesture a person will do where they stroke your hair? It wasn’t smarmy or anything just a kind gesture. I don’t care what you think his intentions were, It was sweet. :) Anyway, back to him letting AB have it on my behalf (nice right?) I was like no honey, I appreciate that that’s for me to do. We laughed… he again said to me how AB is sick. And I wrote a while back how I didn’t think this is an evil person… however AB keeps up with this behavior and my system can’t take it. Benny said If I was gone one day he’d miss me, but he understands the situation. That was really cool, right? Yes.

The other day, I mentioned how my old family friend (the elder in this post) and yup. Benny was an assertive, unmovable human today and he’s handsome too BUT today? He was a little more handsome than before. I appreciate assertiveness in a man. They don’t have to be aggressive and beat the fuck out of someone however I like a guy who stands up for himself, his friends and isn’t an asshole about it. That’s cool. That’s a great quality to have (I appreciate this in women as well, particularly when they’re not being a twat about it absolutely), I was like… Huh. To talk about it is one thing to see how I shifted towards them based on how they were today was really, really interesting. We’re not talking asshole level here. So Benny went on to say how AB isn’t an asshole and he said when he’s a jerk like that, does he feel badly about it later and try to make it up to you?

Honestly, Yes. I’ve said that before. So Benny was like view him as thought he has an illness. I said honey I tried what you said the other day and his fucking intestines came out and hit me in the face and we were “at it” arguing. He agreed, he knows, he said he’ll miss me if he comes in one time and I’m gone. Isn’t that nice? That’s nice. In the meantime “today” AB had no explosions.

I tell you what’s interesting is all these people? Are on medication. I told Benny outside, I was like I am NOT going on medication because of this. O.O hahaha! We laughed. I don’t want to go on any type of fucking medication because of other people’s shit. I keep saying this for the very real reason that my nerves are shot. Depends on what it is, who it is etc., however I mean the stress from life and all that goes on, etc., I can understand why people take it. I just don’t want it myself and I don’t want it as remedy so I can have more tolerance for retarded behavior from others.

I gotta tell ya’s, when I go and I still hope things will change (they won’t) I’ll miss these people, each in turn. See you get rid of the problem, you’re always losing other people in the process and that sucks too, not to mention the fluffeh’s in the office. They may be hiring someone else more experienced because this other individual is coming back. Combined? AB and we’ll call him … ABJr? ridiculous. I had something else I wanted to talk about. Scratches head. Oh, you know though… I will say that the medications didn’t change Benny so much, however you could see a difference in him because of them. I was like, Honey, they gotta change your medication… we laughed some more! lol He was like, “Ya think!!!” haahahaha

Anyway here’s this cool picture thing about life lessons. Oh yeah and fuck you life lessons because no one asked you to impose someone else’s shit in my direction. :) Why you no make lemonade? Fukker… lol


Ga’night where ever you are and be good to each other. :)

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