~ Youth Is Wasted on The Young ~ Aging

youth1A person I know put a post up as to a woman who is 50 who has aged well. I’ll be 50 in about 2.5 years. WAOW… Scrolled past it this morning again and I’d said how we’re all going to age, it’s genetic as to how. I mean I see some women my age and they appear older than me appearance wise. Genetics is an important factor. My daughter will say, well when I get older, I’m pretty lucky because you AND daddy have aged well. O.o This is out of context.

Anyway, I said how we’re going to age, however how we take care of ourselves is important as well. Skin care, exercise, (which I’m totally going go have to get back into), etc., etc. Others started getting into botox, plastic surgery and all that other stuff. I can see why some would do plastic surgery. As I age, while I don’t “look old” I can see the signs of aging on my face and I think, yeah … I guess I understand why people do that.

Imagine if you will though a world that isn’t focused on youth? Every commercial (lots of movies,youth2 clothing, etc., etc. all promote youthful appearances) I see talks about anti-aging cremes and all these other contraptions to keep your youthful appearance. I’ve bought facial creme since I’m 25 with large gaps in between. I don’t remember why I started I remembered when I did buy it, I thought well, If I start now I’ll prevent some things. The other day in the store a woman in there was looking for the skin care isle, so I walked her over to it, showed her and she was talking about Noxema. It’s a facial wash and I remember using that when I was a kid. This woman was African American and her skin was like a warm hot chocolate color, it was also pretty radiant. However, it’s “seemed” to me that African American people have different skin then a … I fucking can not stand this political correct stuff because I have no malice or anything derogatory things when I say, “I’m white”. Okaaaay? Okay.

Our skin is very different. Anyway, I was looking at her, my mind said your skin is very different from hers, genetically speaking. Meh… so I bought some myself because she mentioned how she’s never used soap on her face, I thought about how mine felt after using soap sometimes. Can I tell you? I bought some and my face not only feels better in a week but I also see some nice changes as well. Cool right? AND BONUS !! I’m not (nor was I before mind you) spending 100’s of dollars on facial products to keep up with the rest of the worlds marketing wizardry as to what?

Forever young. Youthful appearances. Keep your skins elasticity. Face lifts. Botox. Makeup. Creams. All these things… and they suck that shit up on TV and then it spreads. Mind you the women in those commercials are younger as well. Except that one model, she’s timeless however that goes with 2 things, genetics and how she takes care of herself. I can’t think of her name … she has that mole on her face and wouldn’t remove it… CINDY CRAWFORD! lol! That’s it!

youth3Now. I’m not fond of this aging thing, not by a long shot. However I think there is way too much fucking focus on keeping our youth vs. being a human being. Even the commercials with older women in them for any given product? They’re women with great genetics. I’m not saying don’t take care of yourself and want to look good, certainly not. I would like to look good as well as I age. The thing of it is, is the mindset behind it.

Like you are not enough or there’s this stigma attached to looking old, that shit gets in people’s heads. It got into mine some how when I was 25, I bought cream, that’s not something I would have considered on my own. Who literally thinks about aging when they’re 25? That did not appear in my head by itself.

I look like pure and utter crap some days. I’m getting older! Stress though, that ages your face for sure. I have that furrow in my brow a little one, but it’s there from that look I give people which clearly states, “What the FUCK is wrong with YOU”? I watched this commercial a while back wherein they were like… such cunts, they know what they’re doing… ready?

“Wouldn’t you want to look young and sexy for your husband”… I thought, OMG wouldn’t you like to go fuck yourself with the mind fucking you just did to 1,000,000’s of women? Don’t hate the game, hate the player right? That’s their job, get you to buy their product with the promise of eternal youth. I’m not saying we all don’t want to look nice, I am saying this mind fucking in regards to same to buy any given products is horrible. Why not play on emotions and fears of a lot of women in 2.0 seconds flat. Me’be your partner will love you more. O.O Honey, if he doesn’t love you now as you stand, you’re prolly with the wrong man. No, really because we’re all going to age.

How many times have we all heard how men age better than women? They mature, they look better as

Work your voodoo majik on ma face ... O.O

Work your voodoo majik on ma face … O.O

they get older and yeah… but that’s not all of them. No… it isn’t all of them, it’s just that the focus isn’t ON other things.

All this shit stuck in people’s heads over something normal, that’s going to happen which makes them feel bad. Ooooh nooo Honey, they want you to feel BETTER! That’s why they’re doing those commercials and making eternal youth products!! I like some of them, I buy them I’m talking solely about the mindset behind them when it is to a persons detriment. Particularly when it’s in the sense of them feeling they are not enough in some way based on “aging”. How is that soothing to anyone state of mind or how they view themselves? It’s not.

So many fucked up priorities. Look nice, take care of yourself, enjoy who you are… not all this other stuff. I find it disturbing. It’s so easy to get into someone’s head about these things, it’s why these companies make so much fucking money on youth serums. If you’re going to buy such things, while I understand, go on eBay. I use L’oreal cream for years, yup from when I was 25. It’s nice, non greasy, and I get it on eBay for 2/3’s lower then in the stores.

bettySeems contradictory that I said that doesn’t it? :) What I’m saying is don’t buy into the bullshit that if you’re not YOUTHFUL looking or what have you that you’re less than in some way. That your worth is less because you’re not younger or you don’t look a particular way. I like me, I don’t like aging at all, it’s inevitable and it’s good to maintain yourself and feel good. Not to these OTHER extremes though.

Me? I’m going to be a feisty old broad like Betty White. :) I have a few things I want to include in my personality. You know, when you’re old they blame age for that snarky shit you spit out “seemingly” without thinking because they don’t give a fuck what you think? Haahahaha!

Anyway… have a good day, where ever you are and be good to each other.

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10 Responses to ~ Youth Is Wasted on The Young ~ Aging

  1. TikkTok says:

    Things like smoking (I know, I know) age us prematurely, I know. Those pucker lines around the mouth are a dead giveaway.

    My skin was always decent until between the time I got sick and found my medication. I wasn’t taking anything when the skin started changing so we know it’s not medication.

    Anyhow. What started as a small blop on my forehead now takes up the entire middle of it (top to bottom) and is now on my cheeks. I wish it would just hurry up already and take over my face…..

    I’ve tried a variety of brown spot creams. I was allergic to the last one. And actually, I’m allergic to all sunscreens but one, yada yada yada.

    I prolly need to get to a dermatologist, but with no insurance and a probable move looming, it’s not likely happening here.

    It’s hard to take care of skin when you don’t know what’s wrong with it. Ugh.

    But my suggestion, like yours, is to start when you are young, even if you don’t think you need to.

    • Mystery says:

      I smoke too tikk, you smoke? What about a clinic? This seems to be a different thing you’re talking about. A clinic would help you maybe?

      I went to one down the street and have to go actually for a full check up, however they didn’t have a dermatologist I wanted a mole removed that had changed. They didn’t have that service there. Which is horrid for the obvious reasons. I do have health insurance now, so I can go, I haven’t made the time yet.

      It’s good to take care of ourselves, that’s the most important thing. Not what society crams down everyone’s throat and manipulates us with. I like to look nice like anyone else… I just don’t want to buy into the whole photo shopping of pictures and all this other shit. I do however photograph horribly now but my friend took a very nice one with a camera a couple months back where I looked like myself IRL :)

      • TikkTok says:

        Nope, I don’t- that was my, I know, I know, I won’t lecture you. :D

        I would have to go to one recommended by my rheumy. Of course, I could not find a competant one here, which was not only discouraging, but also surprising, given that this is a very medically oriented area.

        Oh well. You win some and you lose some, eh?

        Glad you got a good picture taken!

        • Mystery says:

          Oh. :) oops. That doesn’t make any sense there wouldn’t be anyone you could go to. I don’t even know what to say about that … I’m sorry :(


          • TikkTok says:

            I was unbelievably upset. I spent 5 years looking for the last one. I erroneously assumed thst if I found a similar environment, that the doctors would be equally competant. Not so. If we move, we’ll look one more time. It may, however, be more prudent to just fly back to NM….

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