~ Change :) ~

Today boys and girls we’re going to use change as the quiet manner in which to deal with my situation. No, honestly, I really have not done this to a person intentionally before. I think it’s shitty. It’s why I’d rather walk away from a person actually because once I get to that point where I have to ask someone to talk me out of something based on the behavior or lack thereof from another human being. I walk away. 

Today’s change is very simple. I look extra nice. That’s all. No stupid, it’s not for sexual shit you bone head. It’s simply change. I don’t normally get all fluffy for work, just light makeup or mascara. Not today.  :)  

Come on… thing about it? Someone you know does something different it’s like “where you going?” “Why are you all dolled up” some movies show how when a person buys new lingerie or takes extra care that they’ve been seeing someone else and the list in this regard is endless. So if say someone were to wear a suit to work or look nicer… where are they going? Come on now, follow the bouncing ball.

So we’ll continue on with what I did yesterday and add this one new thing. Mind you, lots of women use their sexuality and looking nice to do all kinds of things. They know.  At minimum, mine is only to imply change and this person will not need my help speculating as to why that is.  I won’t really have to do anything.

No. I don’t feel good about it, I feel rather shitty.  However… just this once… OOH COME ON… 

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