~ Cars, Lerv Teh Carz ~ Humanz

It’s interesting how a person can become attached to a vehicle and it’s based on the vehicle, it’s memories, the things you like, it’s interesting. I ordered windshield wipers for my car, so I didn’t have to stop at the store they came yesterday. They’re weird looking not the usual look however based on their performance when it rains, maybe next time I’ll go to the store or chose a better brand. Stopped off bought more fuel cleaner upper stuff to add to the gas, bought air fresheners for it and a nice license plate cover to replace the dealership one because I’m not your marketing department. :) Also stopped off and vacuumed the interior. The air fresheners are those tree things and I chose the leather scent from the beginning, it’s very soothing to my senses when I get in the car. SNIIIIIFFFFFFFFF AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGHHHHHH

If you think about it, I realize the vehicle itself is a huge marketing tool based on the make and model. It also wouldn’t be the same to advertise where only because due to knowing someone who knew someone, I did get a better deal which may not happen for someone else. You see? Yes, it is nice to be referred and be helped out like that. I truly appreciate that. Guess who referred me? Anger boy. Speaking of said human, they do it sometimes on purpose/intent and sometimes due to something that set them off. This is who they are behaviors included. Beating a dead horse here, the bottom line is either deal with it or GTFO. It’s not like they’ll take any responsibility for their behavior for any extended period of time anyway. As with a few other places, prior to my being there the initials at the bottom of the letters over the past 2/3 years alone there’s been a high turnover. Why YOU HAZ SURPRIZE! O.O It simply shows up due to looking for other things previously done. If it wasn’t obvious, having 5k in the bank would give me more OH MY GOD there’s a SKUNK outside !! and its scent is coming in the window !!! oooh shit. BRB

Oh. Le’yuck!!! Years ago I met a skunk who was a pet, she was descented :) VERY sweet, such big nails and she was fairly large. They’re nice animals, they just have a bad rep cuz teh noze dun’t like teh smell. :)

Do you know there’s only like ONE self serve car wash that I know of and the rest are like $20.00? One car wash I went to when I was a kid, they’re also like 12.00 now, you get out of the car and it goes through all by itself. Ustabe that you’d sit in it and go through, some are still like that too. As you can see, I haven’t taken care with washing and shining with the other one. What is interesting is when something I knew to be one way changes, I’m all like… Waaaoowww. I just go with it, new things can do that as well, learning etc., so this is no different. It’s like on a vacation I don’t want to rush around and see every fucking little thing, I want to absorb everything and really LOOK and SEE a couple things at a time.

It seems to me, we’re allowed to take plah vacations per year Yes… I said allowed, you think about that while I continue on with my thought. While it’s nice to have an activity, relax or whatever some do, it seems like it’s not a vacation at all if one is squeezing so much activity into that time frame seemingly to make up for the things they really wanna do more often however can’t because life calls. Life calls and we must answer, we all have adult responsibilities, there’s no escaping that.

Last night I thought about other methods to get the yuck out of my system. Playing with my vehicle and personalizing it a bit more was a nice distraction. During the day I played with my own emotions to see if I could redirect myself, however he’s a fairly large trigger at this point and when they were going to come in I got very uncomfortable anticipating the sludge, particularly since nice human I work with said he was yelling. They were laughing about it like… really? She diverts him, that’s healthy, she doesn’t feed into it. That’s even better. I’m glad.

I like people who are tough, assertive and not an asshole. Those who aren’t right in the head can’t stand them. Its something I’ve noticed over the years. I love them, I mean I can simply kick back and truly enjoy their personality. They’re comfortable with themselves, they come across as stern or unyielding however I don’t find that particularly offensive at all. Some do, very much so. I get along really well with those people even during a discussion, there’s variables with each person. However they’re much better to talk to providing there’s what? No manipulation involved and with a person who IS comfortable with themselves and relatively straight forward, they’re a pleasure. I mean really a pleasure. This woman at a courthouse, she was very uh… crabby when I called initially. I have successfully made her laugh now. That was the goal, literally and now we have a working relationship built on something good while we do something stressful and voluminous every day. It’s a very simple thing to do. One could say use what you did with her on this person you work with. I just don’t get the sense that’s possible.

If you’re paying attention, you’ll begin to notice that we are different around different people, as long as you don’t give yourself away during these interactions based on who you are .. you know, be who you are maintain that level of who you are be geniune… people respond to that. And everyone brings something interesting to the table. This is day 3 of processing human at work’s shit. In another day, I’ll feel much better because I’m not around them anymore.

This is not rocket science folks, although, initially it sure feels like it because it’s not how such things go. It seems most are simply going around doing what they want, trying to get what they want and by any means possible. This includes me, make no mistake, however I never want to hurt anyone and I normally seek higher ground vs. being someone I’m not. Depends on the methods they use, I like the nice ones myself. The world is not made up of all nice people and further while I understand that if we put good vibes out it comes back to us, I do it all the time like with this woman at the court. It’s like when the other person permiates a room with their disgusting energy … and it’s in your system day after day after day….

Have a good day, where ever you are. :) I would like to find that “thing” that works and it all rolls off. It’s getting light outside now, I know of a hand car wash where I get to do it myself for $6.00. It’s all about the money and trying to save it, plus I enjoy washing my car, it’s all shiny and pretty, it’s a methodical thing and with music on… it’s nice. I also have this nice feeling of accomplishment when I’m done when it’s winking at me and oh so purdy. S’like I DID THAT … come on baby, letz go for teh ridez. :)

Oh! AND since I got my baby, I’m all looking around at all the different kinds of vehicles, oooh that’s nice, oh look at that one! Oh very nice, ooooh pretty. There are so many of these vehicles around so that whole thing about “what your focus is on” is pretty spot on because I’ve never seen so many.

Naow I’m going to focus on money and … Men. <— lolol to the last one. haahahahaa! Noooo, I lerv teh boyz, they're all so cute in their own fluffeh way. Cept those over there. Euw. Shoo… go on Shooo… go do crazy, morose fukky uppy some place else.

Oh! Getting even lighter out naow! Hope it's not too cold outside, I don't have car washing gloves for outside. Oh do it at the house? Well, we don't have a driveway here, it's a two family and it's a relatively busy street … well … if there's a parking spot that'd also save me 6.00. We'll see, I like to go for a ride too. Do you think if I hang my head out the window like a big doggie all happy n' shit w/the drool flying out my face it would possibly be even MOAR enjoyable?


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5 Responses to ~ Cars, Lerv Teh Carz ~ Humanz

  1. TikkTok says:

    I need new wipers. I’m missing the tippy top end of one of them. Blarg. {Wish you could ‘like’ posts, too} ;)

    • Mystery says:

      I was looking ALL OVER for that damned feature of “like” 2 days ago to put it here and I keep missing it! lol !

      I like the ones with three blades, these only have one and may not last too long but we’ll see what happens. How you doing ? :)

      • TikkTok says:

        It’s in the default settings on the dashboard so you don’t have to check it every time. I think there’s a thing on each post, too, when writing. I can’t navigate worth a crap on my phone. Will have to get on pc to find it for you. I think it’s in the compose section. Fwiw.

        The ones that shredded were the $$ ones. Ticks me off- they didn’t even make it a year. Boo.

        Things are ok, more or less. Still in limbo, which I hate.

        • Mystery says:

          Your move is contingent upon hubby’s work? Limbo does suck, I hear you. You have any idea how long it will be before you know anything?

          I’m looking for it right now, it could be I had just woken up, I found everything else under the sun last time, cept that. :)

          I never thought about the life span of a wiper blade. My old car seemed to just go through them like water… lol get it? Water, blade… maybe it was the clustered ice on my windshield too. They’re very thin that would rip them up.

        • Mystery says:

          I found it! The like thing. I didn’t see it the other day, obviously. I had to click the thingy there to have it show up on the page whereas I thought it was automatic. :)

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