~ Verbally Abusive Relationships ~

The book by Patrica Evan’s, The Verbally Abusive Relationship is very good. I have tried other things and the reality is, he behaves in a manner conducive to reviewing this book instead of the good one’s where I would be dealing with anyone else. Particularly someone who is more communicative, rational, etc., No fucking off the wall WTF triggers and shit. It is, what it is. Period.

I want to be clear. This book is about romantic relationships okay? HOWEVER this book can be used on all relationships in your life. I’d highly suggest it to anyone who deals with a volatile person. The last time I read this in full was about 10 years ago. It’s time to review. All human beings that you speak to ARE a RELATIONSHIP. You don’t have to be fucking someone to be in a relationship with them. Friends, peers, etc., etc.,

“…The abuser negates her in some way” <— that's annoying. Out of context I'm reading. Oooh fuck me, I've been reading the wrong fucking books, reviewing the wrong fucking techniques. Better late than never? O.O

What would take away the fear for me. $5,000.00 in the bank. Then we'd have a rocking party wouldn't we? <— rhetorical. I kept saying to myself recently, I"m missing something really important. It's those fucking trade offs, it's cyclical. When you are confused, as I am on a weekly or bi-weekly basis based on this humans behaviors, it's difficult to see these things. You should know that. Truly.

Oh. My. Gawd. I should just shove this book up his ass, his picture is on the cover and in every fucking page. So were a few others I've dealt with in the past or more. Definitely or more. I find it fucking interesting that … No, it's the money. I knew.

Based on their behaviors lately, which is identical to when they let this other person go… it was 8 months they were there, he was treating them the same way he's treating me now. I've had this happen before. The Narcissistic cunt who I worked for a number of years ago was horrid to the woman who I came after. After she left and he hired someone else, he began treating me like her… they only last about 6/8 months with people and the digging into them begins. The good behavior period for these muther fuckers is approximately 6 weeks to 3 months (if that) and then all hell breaks loose.

See, initially there's the gap because it's a possibility there's a learning curve. That's how I think because initially they are on "good behavior" really all they're doing is watching you.

I have to get out of law. I have to get away from these types of fucking people or it's going to kill me. The cock sucker does every fucking thing I'm reading. Isn't it grand when you read something and … I have no sarcasm for this. I just gotta get out there. Again. Again… I have to make a change because of someone else's behavior or their fucking shit.

And everyone around said human, as it always is… makes excuses for his behavior. smh And I'm just skipping around in the fucking book. It's an awesome fucking book, buy it. :)

I'll be fired soon. I hope I can collect. Guess what? :) It’s nothing I’ve done.

I am so fucking tired of people making excuses for the bad behavior of others when I know so many people who are not assholes. <— ooh nice silver lining. NOW can I work with some please? PLEASE because I loved what I do… the only reason I hate what I do now, is based on the temperments and bullshit from the people I've dealt with, moreso since I've moved … well… oh fuck, that's not entirely true.

Who wants tickets for when I snap. Refreshers are good. I highly recommend them.

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