~ Good Psychology ~ :)

The fella who is working on a case right now, he’s a psychologist, really nice fella. We have … like…  a really cool, albeit “tiny” relationship going when he calls. I’ll explain, he’s working with uhm… a matter that involves adults and children. We had a conversation the other day, most pleasant conversation. Back and forth, he was a true joy to talk to and I empathize with him greatly because he’s as burnt as I am with seeing all the things in the world and what people do to one another. 

He’s an older gentleman and he’s just very open with me about how he feels about the matter and he’s sad. Me too. I mean it’s a very sad thing and to have a nice OPEN calm…lovely conversation in this manner is without a doubt, wonderful. I mean, we go back and forth on things in the time allotted for the phone call and uhm … he’s just a joy. He’s got experience, he’s pleasant, he’s as frustrated as I am with seeing the things people do to one another. 

Oh. Haaeeey! I met a psychologist I like! No… like… he’s down to earth and sincere. I’m not seeing him mind you, however I love how we go back and forth when he calls. It’s a true pleasure for me. Seasoned is good I think. I think as time goes on maybe … well he just get’s it at this point. I could learn from this person. I could because … he flows, he gets it and there’s an understanding that goes back and forth when we speak that’s really cool. 

He said today how he can’t understand how far apart and vicious people become as time goes by in relationships, primarily marriages. He knows, he’s been doing this a long time. However He’s like, how do two people take their clothes off, make children and do this? I won’t go into the details, not allowed. You know. :)

I started to say how we change and it’s not about anything important initially. (Then I had to go, someone was at the door and i had to cut the conversation short damn!) One can literally fuck anybody and have a kid. However how many of you had a true clue what came with all of this? I did not. I had no clue, I wonder often at my age if I do at all now. It’s a constant evolution as to being a human being.  


I would like more of these types of encounters in real life. It’s the best ever to just sit and go back and forth like that. I love that. Not even so much because he’s a psychologist, although that is my favorite fun thing to read and learn, just because of how he comes across.  

My wish for anyone I know is to … have the mindset that they matter and it’s difficult when we’re not raise in an environment or have the education to … society is hard on people. Make no mistake. I wish things were different. As to the prior post, I’m no victim… he will be dealt with accordingly.

It’s not a dig when I say it’s nothing I’ve done. I can tell you when it was me at any given moment. I KNOW … I miss some stuff, that’s true. However… major shit? I think my responsibility at times was wanting to believe what others said because I wanted it to be true. Yet, deep down I”ve always known certain things or I wouldn’t be looking at them the way I do. 

I do know a lot of nice people. I come on here to clear my head. Anyway, I have to read the book more, I thought it would be nice to include something I find to be really cool, instead of just bitching and anger. I need to vent, I’ll explode otherwise.

See ya :)

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