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Ohaai :) O.O <— that is a wide eyed expression. :)

The human I work with was a twat today. I'm not sure this surprises anyone at all, least of all moi. No, not really. And… the worst part of it all is the entire bunch of crap that I see… wherein others ARE aware, yet… divert everything. For the love of anything GOOD. STAHP THAT SHIT! I mean, you actually think, based on their body language, manner of speaking, aggressive manner in which they speak that they are going to explode and you will be covered in blood and guts because their behavior based on what every triggered THEM was… wait… hold on :)

The following statement has now been reframed to … (giggle) serve ME! Ready?

"HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH ME OR ANYTHING I'D DONE!!!" Booyah! fukkers! What? Too much? Bite me. No, not there… right … here. :)

I mean you all realize right? That you in your infinite wisdom, NONE OF US are perfect and to assume anything otherwise is an illogical fallacy? Oh come now, you can't be that fucking stupid. I mean I was thinking today, on the way home, in my carruck about how we ALL assume we have all this shit worked out. Perhaps… and furthermore… YOU ARE WRONG.

It's all a process. It is a never ending process. I'm not sure I like it. No… not really. The goal in life, should you chose to tackle it is very simple. My friend, who passed away understood this. She was so sweet… I think about her often. She was like this little pretty angel. I miss her. A lot.

You humans frustrate me. I got a bloody nose today. You know how something is stuck way up in there so you use your nail? Oh… no? Well… some people do that and all of a sudden I had blood running down my face. I never have gone to the doctor for the lump I found and … I've been thinking about coaching so much because I am bone fucking tired of people volatile behavior in law firms.

I am a … tired human being. I have had enough of people's behavior, of hearing it's nothing I've done, of being well aware that it's nothing I've done and I think I know myself well enough to … honestly say that, as with anything, it's difficult for me to NOT make a blanket statement in regard to the fact that … all the shit I have in my system is directly related to the bad human beings I've known.

That's horrible. I know a guy who…well he scared me a little bit but it wasn't at me, he was very direct, it was about a pedophile and I thought…oooh boy.

See… there are things that bring people together. All human beings, no matter what their beliefs are (religious political etc.,) HATE pedo's.

I think that if they can join together to go after those horrid people why not… reconcile other differences? I wish I could put the last paragraph of an email I got July 18th I think it was. I use that technique for good all the time now. It's very good. Not in that manner but it was uh… about how we never really know anyone … people have all these facets (my interpretation since I won't post it) but… if

ALL people can go after pedophiles… would not the next logical step be to recognize that we can be MORE as human beings all across the board? Like, one horrific thing drawing people together? You see?

One thing I agree with 100% is that I wouldn't trade what I've been through for anyone else's stuff. I understand me and mine… I'd say the same thing if I went through what others have as well.

By the way, the other day I said I was drawn to particular people and that's true. I also said that I went toward the opposite and that's wrong. Meaning one should not go so far left from the right… there is no balance IMHO there is … YOU and what you like.

Before I die… lemme find it. I had this great thread where I asked people to tell me what they liked about themselves? It was so fucking cool :)

Everyone listed honesty as one of the primary things… so… really, are people so different? yeah… we are… so many variables. I'm in a mood because of work, I'm so fucking tired of bad behavior. I think moreso I wish I didn't know the things I know … it broadens the spectrum of what I see.

Boo. :) Okay, I'm done. Nonsensacle post over.

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