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I reshared a post the other day wherein it says, “Describe me in one word” on the top I prefaced it with “Okay lemme have it”… lol

What I found at the end of it, including the laughter (haahaha!) all good natured certainly, I do not have assholes in my circles. If you’re not going to play and/or be communicative, there is no room for said human in there. The responses were really sweet, while I was waiting for the snarky funny, sarcasm posts (there were those too) there was some proof positive that human beings are all paying attention to who they are talking to. I think this is a good thing. Not in that “Ohaai, look at me I’m so fluffeh speshul” way. In a nice way, in what I perceive to be a healthy way.

This morning I realize why I didn’t really entertain the business communities I’m a member of, it’s because of what I’d said yesterday. Even when I do speak to people, the more sensitive stuff, I go directly to a private message because I’m not of the mind to contend with an entire group, I want my focus to be on the individual and how they feel, not all these other people’s beliefs and thought processes.

It’s about that person. Period. Not everyone else’s life experiences. Some things evolve on my page or I’ve been putting things up and we talk about them, that’s cool too. However, the bigger versions of “stuff” I tend to read and avoid like the plague. When I do put something up, I mute it usually. Although, I do have very nice conversations about various things, I simply have to have the mindset for it.

This one human was like, you’ve misunderstood me, I agreed however that twist where they were like, “Oh and look this word up” (Joke was on them, I already had. lolol :)) Whaaat? I’m honest. I advised said human that it wasn’t necessary to be condescending. They apologized if “I” was offended and this goes back to what I’ve been saying.

YOU/THEY did something obnoxious and they are sorry YOU were offended. Mmyaaa. I advised said human that I was offended because THEY were condescending and continued on from there, tagged them in something else so they could understand what I was saying. They don’t ever have to agree with me, I don’t care in that regard. Just don’t be an asshole about it. What will never change is my belief that if you know something that someone else does not, don’t be an asshole about it, don’t speak down to someone, share your knowledge with them.

A human being is a human being at the end of the day. I don’t care what level of college you’ve taken or your continuing studies etc., if you think, for even ONE moment you are above someone else, versus sharing the information or being communicative about it? You’re an asshole. Oh but the world reveres experts. I know they do, however being right is … I’m right about a lot of things (boy o’boy that’s contradictory right there) however what I’m saying is I’ll see something, redirect someone and everyone is happy.

No one, feels small. One “could” say …well this is about YOU and not wanting to feel small or how it makes you feel. Remember, I don’t like something that I perceive to be cruel. That is what it’s about, don’t be cruel and act that way. It’s in their delivery really. Naow!!!

Lots and lots of very nice human beings share lots and lots of cool things are VERY communicative and quite nice. :) Even when I don’t know shit about whatever it is and I don’t mind looking things up at all. It’s how we learn… or have said humans forgotten all about that?

If one has, kindly check out your student loans. I’ll wait. We all good naow? Okay then.

I had a talk yesterday with this nice human. Very soothing voice wise, very considerate, in a bad situation. I had to wait until they felt comfy with me to address (it’s a highly intermingled situation) things in a manner that they would be open to it. Yesterday! I found that opening and I took it. They have very, very long time frame in which they believe a particular thing. They’re not seeing. I miss things all the time, I’m totally not picking on this person. I quietly suggested to them that the things that were going on, were not as they seem, that they were indeed being manipulated (my fav right? yaaaa) by this other human being. Everyone else see’s it… that is truly how this works.

I’ve been there, I have seen something and felt it and it took me a while too. So, it’s about not being attached to the outcome (like others who are advising this person) who said person will fight based on that relationship. I also know they may not listen to me either, however the seed was planted a long time ago… they are simply not ready to see it yet…I think they will. I think as with ALL of us when we don’t want to see something, over time they will see it. I’m being quiet about it only because what I fully expect to come into play would be the whole, “why didn’t this person listen to me when I said it” (no not me, them) I’d like to avoid that.

The individual “doing” these things the person hasn’t absorbed yet? Oooh my gawd. Oop! There it is! I’d say there were at least 5 memories complete with triggers that bubble beneath the surface as to this human piece of shit. Yes, they need help and I’d like to give it to them. O.o Their actions are hurting children. Okay. subject change, I’m not going to ruin my own day here. Ugh.

LOL! The human I work with (yes, human is a new thing because we all are roight?) when I was like…. Nooooo don’t take these papers! Was like, She’s (me) controlling. As they said it, I pointed up at him as well (they were pointing at me too) and advised him that he’s confusing organization and not losing documents (which used to happen there and cause ME stress and they were the one who lost it in the first place, THANX) with control. I guess… in a way, this kind of open bickering is… good? Now that we know one another better, they’re open to uhm… redirecting themselves. Some things, as with myself, are neatly embedded in their personality and will prolly take a bit longer.

I mean, I didn’t learn such things as to redirecting and all this good psychology stuff until I was in my mid 30’s. I have to pause, so do many other people I see and that’s good to see because based on those I was around in the past “Oh calm down” “Oh what are you doing” oh, this that or the other thing…

No. You stick “your” head in the sand, I’m not doing that. hey? Remember when I got 2 weeks extra pay in my checking account and I thought it was a bonus but I got fired? Haahaha What’s my point? I just prefer to think good stuff…I really wanted to believe which goes to what I’m saying above here and this other person who isn’t ready to see something yet, that all that work and bullshit had paid off. Again paying attention is exhausting. I’m not rusty anymore. Being on a social network can do that which has it’s good and bad points. It’s revived all the things I’d forgotten all about because I wasn’t exposed to it as much before.

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