~ Nothing 4 Nothing, but ~

I watch the things people do all the time. I find a lot of it disheartening. It’s a possibility I’m just tired. However… the more things I see, the more I realize that … one of the primary reasons that I do not want to write anything, a book… that book lolol

My family friend upstate has faith in me, she says “Suzie, when you’re ready, you’ll do it. I know you!” … she’s dead ass serious too.

I can’t do law and psychological things at the same time. I am too burnt by the end of the day. I’m not sure if this is an excuse of sorts, it could be. It is the truth though.

Someone put a link here a while back about this Tracy bitch (an author) who said that she has everyone’s answers and that they’re all bitches. Orly? You fucking twat thunder-cunt fuckpaddle bitch.

She’s been married 4 times. SO in reality, she can land a man, though whatever fucked up means she comes up with but… she can’t sustain a relationship.

I have seen PLENTY of bitches land husbands. Just watch Brizilla on TV those are some of the worst spoiled brat fucking women I have ever seen in my entire life. Nasty twats, incredibally spoiled rotten assfuckers.

Like, I’ll see something someone says… and I KNOW at times I can thoroughly redirect them. I do it. :) It works. It needs to be supported though… that’s important. Aaah my old friend is back from when I had my network. Very nice person, an author, offered to edit any book I write…

I just … feel like, I don’t want to answer any questions. I don’t know how psychologists compartmentalize all this stuff. See… I have a bad taste in my mouth as to the life coaching because the venue I was in? They were in competition for clients. I’m not afraid of competition… I ate a number of people who had no fucking idea what they were saying and back then, I was still wet behind the ears.

My problem was that … they were in competition, it was the way of things, but… what about the human beings they were dealing with? How… fucked up. I realize it’s a business?

To me… it began to feel like… dishonest. Who can say the best thing EVAR that “resonates” with said human being who needs help.

This guy, Thomas Leonard was an amazing fella. He had a website full of forms and guidance for people and they were all free. I just gotten into it at the time and I believe I have some of them and other forums had all this great information. It was free… Leonard believed everyone should have access to this type of help… so he made it available to everyone. I thought that was so fucking cool.

He passed away … maybe 6 months or a year after I’d gotten into the coaching and… within a month or so, his entire site became that you had to pay. Subsequent experiences with others with this wizard of oz mentality “to get a client” marketing and all that shit, stuck in my craw… like … you would not believe.

I’m trying to redirect myself on this because I would love to do something good. I simply do not have the mind for both work and focusing on people as a career, not at the same time. And yet, I use everything I know, every day… in every single way. Always…

No :) I’m not open to advise, this is just talking to myself for medicinal purposes because I find it frustrating. :) Later

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8 Responses to ~ Nothing 4 Nothing, but ~

  1. Gray Dawster says:

    Hey now why didn’t I think of calling you Suzie? :) I like that
    And I also like your posting, and another thing, get writing your
    book as there is no time like the present, even for me :)

    This update is the first I have seen for your Space so I was so
    amazed that you were back on WP and not spending all of your
    time on the G+ adventure, I do go on it occasionally, very, very,
    very occasionally and see you there but wow great to see you
    back on here too :) :)

    Have a lovely Thursday Sue, hey no I mean Suzie I like that ;) :)

    Andro xxxx

    • Mystery says:

      Oh yeah, by all means, you most certainly can call me Suzy, Sue-Z or Susie. :) Suzie is fine too. lol

      I may not be on here a lot, I’m trying to change my habits a bit. It’s good to see you too Andro (insert warm smile)

      You have a lovely Thursday yourself! I has rott’s n’rott’s of work waiting for me when I get there today.

      Sue xoxoxo

      • Gray Dawster says:

        Well don’t be doing too much work, it will wait for another day you know? Oh and Susie is nicer than Suzie so from now on I shall call you Susie :) lol Wow or Siouxsie, as in Souxsie and the Banshees ;) Hey have a good one today, and hey I like your new truck :)

        Andro xxxx

        • Mystery says:

          DID YOU SEE MY BABY!!!!! I know!! I love my Carruck! haaha! THANXXXXX

          Well, we have deadlines, I have to get ‘er done. Okay, Susie it is :) Although Siouxsie is kind of neat too.

          You have a great Thursday as well my fine friend. :)

          Susie xoxo :)

          • Gray Dawster says:

            Yes I saw your new baby, cooooool :)
            Now grab a coat and get to work, or else? ;)

            Catch you later Susie dear :)

            Andro xxxx

            • Mystery says:

              I do have to get in the shower now and it is getting colder here! As you know, if you’ve seen that post? My Carruck has a hinny and lower back heater in the seat!

              My ASS IS WARM! lolol erry day, erry tiem! lol

              It’s good to see you Andro :) Catch you later honey.

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