~ Labels ~

I used to greatly dislike labels. Oh, wait. I hate them even moar naow!  I’ll tell you why. I hated them before because I felt they put people in a box… you are “this, that or the other thing”… or you “have this, that or the other thing” … even so far as, astrological signs, etc., etc., I realize for diagnosis purposes and all kind of things they’re necessary, I know that. 

On the negative side, I’ll tell you a story. :) 

A fella posted something that I shared on my page (Google, come play!) and it turned out that it wasn’t true, so he went to everyone’s page and apologized. Which was really cool, nice human, taking responsibility and all that. Now, they are into Zen, Tao and all these other things as well … I say this because they follow a particular political “side” you know… YUCKY politics. 

When he apologized on my page, which I didn’t care, I’m of the mind when I have a knee jerk reaction and share something if I didn’t do the research myself, that’s on me. However this person apologized and said something like, “I bet you would never believe a “insert political affiliation here” would ever apologize huh? 

I said… Oh, I thought you were a human being. :)   Thread ended. 

Human beings keep putting one another in a box. I understand why however all I see it ever do is separate and divide people. Okay, not ALL the time, however enough of the time to make me feel sick to my stomach when I see the divide. 

Yet… we’re human beings. We may not all get along, however… at the end of the day, we’re all human beings. Some are very fucked up and should be shot, they can’t be healed, they literally ARE a threat to society, some are in jail, some are in facilities etc., etc., however for me … as to my perception of what is normal, it’s that we’re all people. 

It’s like Oooh what are you! I’m a Gemini … :)  <— true.  Being a Gemini, if you’ve read anything about ADHD/ADD etc., are identical in many ways as to focus, being flitty, lack of attention, etc., etc.,  they even attribute anger and calm to the Gemini as a character trait. Well… gee … anyone could say that about anyone. All things combined, nothing I’ve ever read depicts precisely who I am as a whole. 

That’s an example. However, with political and religious things, wow…it sure separates people almost instantaneously.   Hi, I’m Sue… I’m a “………..”  and they’ll hate you for it. Just that one word, that neat emotionally charged reaction as to what that group does. 

West Boro Baptists. Yup. you’d hate them. I do… they’re despicable humans. So, it’s like all these variables and they’re all RIGHT THERE … it’s exhausting. 

Human beings need to come together. Yet their beliefs, teachings, things they’ve learned are all keeping us apart. These things hurt my heart… truly. 

No. I am not naive. Never was really. I did not know some things, I have so much more I see and learn every day. Some that sooth and some makes me want to throw up. I hope I’m being clear. 

In it’s simplest of form, I really wish things were not as messed up as they are. It’s a shame. 


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