~ EmOtIoNaL TrIgGeRs ~ Le ‘ Carruck

Not my car however it was a mess, the poor thing.

Not my car however it was a mess, the poor thing.

Ohaaaiii! <— that's new, I lerv that. :)

My vehicle was on it's last leg, literally. It made sounds going down the street (but she was paid for you know, my Sharky) it sputtered when I started her once in a while, I had an accident which skurred me to pieces (No one realized just how frightened I was either… I digress) everything you could possibly imagine being broken on a vehicle where it was on it's last leg? That was my poor car. I will say though, she served me well. I beat the fuck out of that car and never took good care of it as one should. I didn't want a car payment and it wouldn't pass inspection, I'd gotten a couple tickets and at $130.00 a pop it was that vicious circle where you pay the ticket, that takes away from the repair money. I'm not rolling in money yet, so it was a seriously vicious cycle, as you can imagine.

Soooo, like… what's this got to do with emotional triggers!? Well, I'll tell you. I will spare you the car salesman bullshit. No, I won't. The one guy used crap like "Oh you're from such'n'such town, we'll take care of you". <— that's bullshit line number one. All he cares about is his commission and if the finance guy can literally bury me with a payment I can just squeak by on. I went to one dealership and googled the vehicle sitting in front of the finance guy, advised him I could have it for 4k less and… really? I left, he needed more info and then 4 days later (after I had purchased a vehicle else where) they called and said they would go down in price. WAAOOW You're a fucking DOLL! Asshole. I advised said human that I'd purchased another vehicle and did he not know not to let a potential buyer leave his showroom w/o papers being signed?

Baaahahahaha!!! Dumb fuck extraordinaire. :) Whaaa? Silence? mmmyyaaa :)Bitch Slap

Okay. Onward. The human I work for now knows people, said people found me a vehicle which… man, I love my carruck. It’s not a car, it’s not really a truck however I’m so fucking happy with this fucking thing you have no idea. I love her. My Carruck. :) This is her name by the way, Carruck. That’s MY baybeee!

Okay SO … Uh, you wanna get on about the emotional trigger? Oh shut the fuck up, you know I haz to tell teh story furst. Fine.

So I buy the carruck, it has some problems and the human who who referred me to other human (I did get a pretty good deal and financed. I hate car payments.) was all acting weird about it. You could say it was because I noticed some leaks, I promptly took my baby back and advised said humans to fix it. Which, of course, they did. Even when this happened? I was and still am a pig in shit. Why?

If I hadn’t gone on a road trip directly thereafter, I would not have noticed the leak. If I wasn’t a bouncy human walking around talking to everyone, I would never have known there was another leak, if the trip hadn’t shown me the brakes needed to be checked, that would have been… what? $1000’s of dollars worth of work. Cost to me = Zero. Oh yeaaa! Naow …

When this human began having giving me grief and saying certain things (horrible communicator, doggy 1truly… heart in right place, head up ass in communication arena) about my carruck I was miffed. I mean on a scale of 1-10 based on some of the things going on, I was almost livid. Particularly this one point where I was to pick my Carruck up and then all would be right with the world. I love this vehicle.

They were being a bone head, I was feeling pretty fucking angry due to the manner in which they communicated this to me. They yell. Nooo, no no no no… really? And it was all this stuff.

And then… it hit me. The nerve this person was hitting for me, in those moments was one from when I was married to mean guy. That is a 24 year old emotional trigger. I’ll explain.

When I was married to said human, he felt that to control me, was to literally keep the spare key to the new car we’d bought and check the odometer on our other car. Which it was a Yugo so I disconnected that because YOU are not the boss of me asshole. This portion is a very long story and guess what? “It was nothing I’d done”… So anyway, this was his assumption that I could be controlled if he had the extra key and I wasn’t allowed to drive it and there were all these… fucking… covert bullshit things going on. That’s never worked out well for anyone in my life who stoops to such measures. No, not really. I’d forgotten all about this nonsense, but… my body didn’t. My subconscious did not. It was there… neatly stored away, lying dormant for all these years… until now.

Ass2Are you not fascinated by this as much as I am? Fortunately for me, I knew what was going on. So, really all the things I’ve learned are invaluable.

So the trigger for me based on this new person’s actions and things they said was being controlled, it was from 24 years ago. The behavior, the situation, the manner it was addressed all were highly contributory to my reaction emotionally and action wise. Thereafter I went and took care of everything as it should be taken care of. It’s a very long story and the person who set me off is uh… one of the most contradictory humans ever. My fav. O_O

So… in all of this, my point is very simple. The things we store in our system come up without warning when same or similar behaviors trigger them. Please do read up on them if you’re not familiar.

In closing. I HAVE A CARRUCK AND I LERV HER! She’s shinny and new to me and den, den … man… lemme tell you what. I get in my silleh carruck and I’m so fucking happy, it’s not even a little bit funny. I should talk about my love for cars and the why of it all. :)

I’m so happy with this vehicle it’s … pure glee. :)

See ya’s later. I can’t do both. I can’t do G+ and here … I just can’t and I’m sorry. I will try to do both if you guys come around. It’s just too much for me, I’m only one person.

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  1. TikkTok says:

    Yes. That’s all. {It can come back and bite us in the butts.}

    • Mystery says:

      Interesting as hell! However, had they not been acting that way, it would have never happened because… duh :) Good Morning TIkk :)

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