~ The End ~

The best advise said human gave me, which will be worded differently however I fell over it the other day in going over old emails and read some of them was, “Don’t ever let someone else turn you into a prick”. Or don’t let a prick turn you into someone you’re not. I did smile when I read that because the cool memory based on that particular conversation came up first and then the aftermath of feeling badly about it. That’s sage advise right there. It does still perplex me from time to time because underneath it all, I never got the sense that they were not a nice human.

So, I was thinking about it this morning and there’s really nothing more to add at this time. Not without including conversations and the like which aren’t anyone’s business. You know their personal stuff … I said from the beginning I would not and I have not.

Go from the beginning to end of this for the entire story. It’s a page up at the top and/or you can see it listed on the side there.

I also think it’s better that it took me this long to write about it. Gave me time to clear my head as to what it meant to me. Anyway … Here is a funny video to temper the last couple of posts. :) This guy is so funny! lol :)

Be good to each other. The End.

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2 Responses to ~ The End ~

  1. Lafemmeroar says:

    I love watching cooking vids on You Tube, but this one took me by surprise! I hope those guys washed their hands … Now, regarding the email … I agree in not letting others “damage” us … then again it is up to us. Thoughtful post.

    • Mystery says:

      I’m sure they washed their hands… :) I should be more clear perhaps. The damage was done … it hurt, however I am glad I had the sense to not take it out on new people, particularly when its come up and I had to think it through before I did something I’d regret.

      it’s a pain in the ass. :) Totally.

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