~ Catfish 14 ~ That time I asked out a cartoon O.o

pepeSo, there I was, enjoying the hell out of this person’s company. They were dating and telling stories of such things, past and present on their blog and I was doing my thing here on mine. I remember they went on a date and put a picture up as a game (oooh! Games!) and I swore it was the underside of their penis. HAAHAHAA! Oh man, you have to love how my mind works. Turns out it was a severely modified picture of I believe a bookcase while they waited for their date. Anyway … O.o lolol oh shit. That was funneh!

So, I’d read all these stories and relationship experiences and one day, my slap happy puppeh self sent an email, which I could not find which said something like, “If you lived closer I’d ask you out”!!! Actually, I still think it’s cute. I completely side stepped rational thought wherein I had NO idea how old they were, no real picture except that cartoon and another one perhaps at that point (that’s fuzzy) that was an artsy type thing and perhaps I had read about a date wherein one person (Haahaha! It is still fucking hilarious!) was sending them a picture of their whoohaa, the other one was throwing herself at him and his real date had no idea. O.O

Now that was a funny post. I WISH I could have been a fly on the wall to see that. Just hiding facial expressions alone had to be comical. Cept that one twat. I would rather ask out a cartoon (oh yeah, I have … hahaha!) then ever be like that scheming ridiculous manipulative twat. The one on the kitchen, pretending to be all cozy with said date? Keep up.

So at some point in there, I’d said the whole if you lived closer I would ask you out and they responded in their pepe1nice articulate soothing way how we’d probably get along famously, etc. Now, I smiled instantly because I really did not think at all that it would be something they would take me up on, however they were ever so polite about it. I’d tell you what was said, however that’s part of the privacy thing. Nothing bad at all actually, just banter. I did, later on write a post about how I really liked this person and would I be able to maintain just a friendship with them should they meet someone and move on, as all people do from their friends when they get involved because to me… when a male friend becomes involved with a woman, you back off. There is no discussion in this for me.

It’s the way things should be, because you are no longer a priority, the girlfriend is and if you assume that you should stick your nose into that relationship, to sabotage it in any way because you are afraid of losing something, may I suggest that you direct yourself accordingly. As time went on with all the hours spent IM’ing I would periodically remind them to tell me when they got a girlfriend or may become serious with someone, they assured me they would. One time there was a post up that they’d had a girlfriend and I’d IM’d them that I was really happy for them. They advised I hadn’t finished reading, which was true, after the initial squee at the idea I continued reading. I mean, seriously, when someone is our friend we ARE happy for them when they meet someone. It does not mean you lose them as a friend, more that you have a different place in their life. It’s still valuable I have guy friends who are involved, married etc., and I have a place. It’s very simple.

pepe2Naow, this was after I’d asked them out the second time for realz because at this point we were IM’ing constantly. About 9/10 months had gone by at this point. I even took them to the store, on my elliptical and also to the park with me. It’s like being on G+, the feature is always there and it made sense to me and he didn’t seem to mind either. It’s really, the same as texting except it’s an application vs. a phone number. The second time I asked him out, we’d been IM’ing for a while, all that communication back and forth, etc. I had realized my phone could make a voice recording :) and then I could attach it to an email so I did a couple of those too! Yeah, I’m retarded (cute) like that, happy impulse thing, did it, it was funny. I laughed so much at myself and I believe … the one about “how does that make you feel” cracked their shit up. I was tickled to death about that response of course because I like making people laugh, it makes me HAPPEH!

So the second time I asked I was serious. Yeah, a cartoon, sight unseen, no idea as to age or anything else, I just liked who I thought they were. And … they liked me. Not like that, however unless I’ve completely lost my mind, they IM’d me as often as I emailed them and there was all that conversation. So… I’ll keep this thought thank you.

What I will say and I realize this is out of order is … when hurricane Sandy blew through here, where I live, I was busy getting prepared for it and I did a damned good job of it too. I don’t believe I was blogging all that much at the time, I was on Google distracting myself from this mess I helped to create. We see how well that worked. :) My IP tracker showed on October 28, this person looked at my blog. When I noticed that I smiled instantly because in my mind I felt like they cared. I realize that thought process is pure speculation on my part, however it made me feel better at the time over something that bothered me.

Moving on! So the second time I asked they’d said it was an awful long drive, they were a few states away. Wha’happaned wuz my friend was all like, take a risk! I thought… YEAH! WHY NOT! :) It happens all the time! No, really, it does. (Sue, it was a cartoon! Oh shut up.) As I mentioned previously, people meet online all the time and one cannot make this shit up. There was a waiting period, I didn’t take the long drive thing seriously at all and later on I believe I asked when they were going to answer me because they didn’t say no. If you recall, vague doesn’t work for me, not with a specific question. They responded later on with a lengthy email about long distance relationships and I was SO THRILLED that we didn’t break up.

Meaning, that my asking had not jeopardized the friendship and that was cool. What was cool, is pepe3that I liked them for who they were as a person and I mentioned right? It was a handsome caricature and there were other snippets … well, you know, I could pop their head off and put it on a body, however I digress. :) Haahaha! Hell, I crack myself up.

If I remember correctly, they were quite the catch with the things they’d accomplished and/or accumulated to be a provider and all those things women look for in a man. That wasn’t what I cared about, it hasn’t been my thought process from when I was in my 20’s. Those things are nice, yet … I want to like a person… really like a person for who they are and them me. It makes the material things some what obsolete, even though I do know we need them.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Oh, do I feel stupid? Well, I had a really good horse laugh at myself one day over it. It was like, “Sue! You asked out a cartoon!” I felt foolish I guess, ridiculously naive I suppose as well, however I have to say, I’ve made bigger mistakes than this. So… No, I can’t say that I felt stupid. Maybe a bit retarded because at minimum I could blame a lack of mental capacity for doing such a thing. lolol

Rolls eyes at self. :) Can I just say that after I wrote this I looked for pictures to put with this and I am sitting here, laughing my ass off! My goodness!!! Oh haaeee? This is self help!!! ROFLMAO!! aahahaha…

That’s just funny :) Oh and for the record, I am Pepe Le Pew! haahaha!!!

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