~ Catfish 12 ~ Emotional Triggers

Pick one

All the above can trigger a memory long forgotten neatly nestled in your mind. It’s uhm… like Pavlov’s dogs. Hear a sound, memory triggered, dog salivates. That works with any memory and with this comes the feelings, good, bad, etc.

Apparently, I am more sensitive than I thought. When my daughter got her new phone some months ago, she had a chat feature on it which made the same exact sound as G-Talk which is an IM app gmail has that my friend and I used.

It used to be fun to hear that sound and I’d be all like :) lol Ohaaaiii!!! O.O and chat away, you know how that is if you’ve got a sound assigned to someone on your phone so you know who it is and a little tip for you, if you break up with someone, change the sound assigned to whatever feature that is so it doesn’t remind you. It will. You’re welcome.

So her phone feature goes off a couple times and first I looked down at my phone. Like… What was that? (Think conditioned response, Pavlov’s dogs, emotional triggers) I look at it… no, not there. Odd. O.o You can imagine, or not, that was a fairly large emotional curve. I went through about 3-5 separate emotions in about 10 seconds flat.

I hear it again only this time it was from where my daughter was. I was like, what is that? She says whatever feature and it went off a couple times while I “tried” to ignore it and then I was like… You have to change that, I can’t hear that sound. She did, that was cool.

If what I’m saying isn’t obvious enough, a person (anyone, however me in this case of course) can pretend something doesn’t get to them or bother them as much as they like. However in that nice folder in your head, while the memories may get cloudy over time, the emotional attachment to whatever it was or whatever emotional response you had/have will come back up when it’s triggered.

It’s why people react badly in the here and now due to past experiences, hurts, pleasure etc., I do so find this fascinating what the mind retains. I’d also changed it on my phone later on, however that feature’s been modified by Google and it makes a different sound entirely.

Why u no fiend deezz interesting? :) This post evolved because I figured if I couldn’t find the email yesterday, I’d look through chats … O.O which reminded me of this, which was no better reaction wise emotionally then last nights search was. Perhaps I should stick to memory from now on. Because the alternative of pretending it would not bother me and “Oh I’ll just look this up” does not feel good at all.

Again, I’m not saying you can not make good friends online. It seems like the better I know myself the more I realize how sensitive I (and we all are) really am. I’ve never forgotten anything ever. It just needed the right trigger, which I knew before but this is incredible.

Oh and this is also why they say in a break up that one should get rid of any and all reminders of a person (unless you have kids together that’s a different road to go down) because you are removing all the emotional reminders/triggers that link up to that individual. Albeit you can’t remove location and certain other things by doing that, or memories. :)

I find it all so fascinating. O.o

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2 Responses to ~ Catfish 12 ~ Emotional Triggers

  1. Gray Dawster says:

    You are right about that Sue,
    and I bet it was a relief that your
    daughter changed the tone :)

    Not sure what it is that triggered
    when someone Picks One, thou
    art nose more than I ma Lady ;)

    Be good now YOU or else? ;) :)

    Andro xxxx

    • Mystery says:

      I was honest, I said it reminds me of someone I used to talk to and it hurts my feelings. So she changed it. :)

      Oh I’m working right now actually, brought some home with me to torture myself with. :) My boss was kind enough to loan me an extra vehicle for the weekend because my car is falling apart. Uhm… these two things are not related however it popped into my head. :)

      Oh you are the one who needs to be GOOD :)

      Sue xx

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