~ Catfish 11 ~ Why We Laugh at Highly Inappropriate Things ~

This was originally written December, 2012. It was directly related to a conversation that I had with my friend. It’s one of those things that came up in a conversation we’d had and they seemed genuinely bothered by something. If you listen to the Audio prior to this, you’ll see I literally can’t help myself because while I expressed it during our initial discussion, when the inappropriate things started to pop up on G+ the conversation sprung to mind. So, you see, I never have been able to just toss out all the feelings and emotions connected to this situation out the window after I stuffed them all in a box.

Tonight in order to write about asking out a cartoon :) I wanted to see how long it was before I did so I went back into my emails. Emails alone there were 408 and that’s from only one of my email addresses and those were transported from one address to another and continued on from there to my other email address where there are a huge number of IM’s stored. I don’t have an answer for why I haven’t deleted them. Maybe I wanted to read them one day and see what I’d done, where I missed something more important where I wouldn’t have been such a puppy. That’s beating myself up way too much and unfair.

Primarily because I didn’t name my emails as to content, they were all random so I ended up having to read some of the ones where I thought it would be. At first I didn’t want to read anything at all. However to be honest about things, I had to. It was as back and forth as I said. I did notice that I seemed like … I thought in initially after a bit I was being a bother and he would always reassure me that it wasn’t. Suffices to say, I’m not going to do the funny post, however I will repost this one.

This was written, with intent. I did it on purpose and I did it with the hopes that said human would see it. It’s like I mentioned in the audio post, I literally cannot help myself and even in this case when the topic came up that we’d discussed that one time, it triggered this memory. I wrote this for my friend.

I don’t believe he was like a Thomas. I just didn’t get that sense from him. The cloaked thing frightened the shit out of me after a while. Well :) That tiny review made me sad. So, I’ll leave you with the original article below. You’ll see I mixed in other stuff with it as well, however that was, at the time the primary reason.

Be good to each other. :)

On G+ there are all kinds of really funny, often times massively inappropriate humor, that you see and laugh at in spite of the very real fact that you know it’s wrong.

Some of them are so absurd and some what disgusting that you “may” find yourself bursting out laughing. Even though, you know it’s not funny.

It’s the kind of stuff where you read it, your eyebrows get plastered on your hair line, your mouth drops open and you think… NO F’ing WAY! And then, you burst into a fit of laughter. Some of it will bring tears to your eyes.

I told someone once that what goes in must come out. Meaning, to me, we’re trying to reconcile this highly off color or offensive thing, often time based on truth and we burst out laughing. It appears to be one way to reconcile something we have absolutely no control over, and after the initial shock we laugh like a hyena.

The other thing that is amusing is the things that spew out of people’s mouths that they think is funny, but is offensive. Those things are only funny when you’re not on the receiving end. Meaning, you see some guy make this suggestive comment to a woman and you can not believe your eyes. What’s more interesting is just how good a woman can become deflecting these comments.

Again. I feel it my extreme duty to point out that men AND women do such things.

There are the extremes with this type of humor too. Because people are going to test you and they do, as to what you’re open to and what they can get away with.

It’s comparable to talking to someone, who you don’t know, who you’ll never be involved with and they tell you “I’ve gotta chub just look at your picture”. Oh. Well. Maybe you should go take care of that, here’s some hand cream. O.o < That's a face, in case you're wondering.

One guy invited this girl to his page to see pictures, she went over there assuming it was about something she said and he had a picture of his penis up there. Now, I'm sure some people may be into that, she wasn't because after thinking about it she made a post outing this guy. I only wish she had saved the picture so we could have spread it all over G+. Damn it. I mean, think about it, obviously this guy wasn't shy, so why not show the whole wide world?

Never under estimate a human beings ability to take something and twist it around into something morbidly funny.

Never underestimate some guy's ability to turn into one of those creeper guys. You just never know what another human being is capable of. Oh, in case you may be wondering, I've seen some guys be one way on one page and then turn into someone else on another. No harm, no foul, it's simply an interesting observation about human nature and the things people will do.

Next time you see something your mind can't reconcile in joke form, feel a little guilty for laughing at it, it could simply be your body's way of coping.

Because if you ask a person how they really feel about that particular issue, they'd be pretty serious.

My humble .o2 on the matter.

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