~ Stalemates * Catfish 4 ~

~ Catfish 4 ~
This was written months after the catfish situation because I wanted to siphon through everything and write something good. Not a mere venting spree wherein I missed the finer details of what I felt happened at the time. Yes, Catfish person and I reached a stalemate. Primarily due to my increasing discomfort of not being able to see who I was talking to. The next post will more than likely be going back to the beginning a bit. Because, I like to try and be as fair as possible, I am a puppy after all … overly friendly, wag my little tail, get all excited over a person who I just “liked”. And there’s no harm in this at all.

I’ve addressed those things in Catfish posts 1 -3.5 and mini posts inbetween, I believe, if you’re so inclined to search it.

The funnier part, and yes, feel free to laugh all you like, I will try to make it funneh…

Is the time I asked out a cartoon … O.O Beeeecause … well, it was twice actually. The first time was due to being all giddy and it was cute, the second being more direct and I knew them for a longer period of time. LOL!

Oh hell, you know what they say, take a risk?

I think there outta be a bone headed clause in there for good measure. :)

Yes, by all means, you may roll your eyes at me like… Srsly? I did it myself later on down the line… Later!


Stalemate: Noun, position counting as a draw, in which a player is not in check but cannot move except into check.
Verb, Bring to or cause to reach stalemate: “the currently stalemated peace talks”.
Synonyms, deadlock – impasse – dead end – cul-de-sac

bulldogStalemates in relationships, to me, are the worst thing possible. It’s when you come to a point in any discussion or within a relationship with someone where your differences are so great, there seems to be nothing you can do to move forward. I used to have the illusion that anything could be talked through. While I haven’t dismissed this idea entirely, there are those things that will bring a relationship of any kind, to a screeching halt.

This happens when people are unwilling to budge, move, give up on their position as it pertains to their beliefs, fears, etc., etc. You can think about politics…

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