~ Catfish 3 ~

question-marksI flip this topic back and forth as to the proper way to go with it. Meaning, to be really on point, I could go back and read everything that went back and forth which would probably make me feel pretty bad. I think, one of the worst aspects of befriending an individual who is anonymous is, you don’t know if you’re talking to them in the here and now. Meaning, you could meet someone and be talking to them, it could be that person. I’ve met approximately 3/4 people who made me tilt my head at the screen. One screen name that made me wonder, disappeared. It’s not like it never happens, hell it happened to me in the past so it’s not something that one could easily dismiss.

In any event, the beginning is a good place. Fell over a blog due to talking to someone else, went over saw things anyone could readily identify with and POOF… Ohai!! The back and forth began, which is to me, the natural way of things. It’s like anything in blog world, something or someone interests you, the back and forth starts, relationships start to culminate. It’s the natural way of things. I didn’t simply read from the point where I landed there, I read from beginning to end. There weren’t that many, I wanted to see who I was talking to, literally who I was talking to.

There you are, identifying with what a person says, laughing your ass off and POOF. There’s a connection for hug 3you. I mean, it was back and forth because at one point I thought to myself, you’re really looking forward to this interaction aren’t you? So, I checked to see how comments went back and forth and it was pretty mutual, so I thought… Meh, there’s absolutely no harm in any of this at all. OMG and said person would vent about daily things or what have you and there I’d be, I could NOT contain my laughter. I can’t tell you how many times I apologized. At the end of one of their rants, they wrote something said like… “Go on, laugh, we’ll wait” or something like that and I had been trying SO HARD not to laugh at said individuals bad day or whatever it was… well, that was it. Peals of laughter, my fav… hahahaa! I literally had tears in my eyes from restraining myself from laughing so hard. And… they didn’t seem to mind.

Reason being, so you understand, I laugh when I identify with something or someone so instantaneously because I identify with everything they’re saying. It’s comparable to feeling relieved that you’re not the only one. You outta see me laugh when parents tell stories about their kids. lmao! Oh gawd. So it’s not a malicious thing on my part at all, it’s just how I react. No more, no less. lol :)

Due to the fact that I was all skippety doo da day over there all the time, I thought… who is this person? Read their blog from top to bottom, saw how they were all over blog land because after about 3-5 months I’d say, for me they’d become a permanent fixture. I knew they’d be missed if they weren’t around so I quietly read the things they’d talk about all over the place. And guess what? They were the same person, wherever they went. This goes to what I say all the time by seeing who a person is as a whole. So, that’s what I did I wanted to see if they were the same person all across the board and they were. I was not born yesterday, nor am I a fuckwitted numpty who has absolutely no clue about who? Myself. I knew the moment I was attached to this person and how much they mattered to me.

They told me once in an email how I was part of their day and I remember I was so shocked by this (I started the emails for saying so’s sake, because I’m a friendly fucking puppy mind you…) revelation to me, that I got really nervous. I had thought it quietly, however I thought it was cool to hear it out loud. To me there’s a difference in gleefully looking forward to seeing online friends and saying it. Because it was so true for me, which I think they knew already, but again… they were here just as much, so… whose to say it wasn’t true. We’ll leave this one be.

holding-hands-wallpapers_13588_1024x768This individual was a little wizard with the mind. I remember, one day, reading something they said and POOF all the emotions I felt, just disappeared. It was the most soothing, 3/4 lines I’d ever read. Literally.

To me? They had a gift. Based on the things they knew and said they’d read up on and knew about, I thought… Wow, I don’t have to explain ANYTHING to this person. Holy fucking shit man, that’s fucking awesome! Oh, you couldn’t get more like a seal clapping their little flippers together than that. lmao! I was all like SQUEEEEE!!! <— and I really hate that squee thing. No, really, I do. lol ;)

I knew that I was attached to this person. I knew and I thought, this isn't a big deal, it's the natural way of things. Yeah, people remember the way you make them feel. I felt safe, I had this cool new friend who I didn't have to explain anything to, that was a fucking rarity.

For saying so's sake, I started the emails. One day I had a huge puppy attack, my ever so OHAI!!! personality which is much like a happy puppy at the end of the day, you know when someone comes home or you see them and you're all … SQUEEEE <— I was the one who initiated them and because they did, in fact, make me feel better the important things I would ask were responded to in less than a day. The lesser important ones where I was just all like, guess what?!!! those were 3/4 days. It's just how that went. I know this because the important ones were important to me and I'd done all this reading with the life coaching, psychology, personal growth and stuff prior and it was so very nice to have someone else not argue with me about it.

chocolate cakeYou have no idea how many years I've been arguing with people over how I felt and the things I would share that they would be dismissive about. This individual, to me, was like a slab of chocolate cake when you felt like crap. Course, you know, I'm not saying it wasn't invaluable to me, over time one realizes you could say such things to anyone and they'd feel better. When this person wrote about such things, they were so massively on point. I'd be sitting here reading and out loud, I would say, That's fucking good. Simple shit I'd been explaining over and over again. That was, invaluable to me. I thank them for that… anyone that can make me cry, in a manner which is conducive to feeling that much relief, after explaining shit and talking about it for so long … deserves that kind of credit.

I say that people don't talk through things as they should. They bottle things up, like I do (like you do) and I gotta tell ya… it's not good for you. I'm just saying… it really isn't. Mind you, I will never, ever suggest to anyone that you cannot make a good friend online, these are not to deter anyone from any of the really cool things and relationships one can develop online which have meaning to you. That is not my intent. This individual apparently had their reasons.

Okay. That's enough for today.

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